Friday, October 12, 2012

It's All About the Memories

So I was looking through old blog posts to find Ethan's milestones for the testing meeting we have next week. It occurred to me that I haven't done poor Dylan justice. I haven't spent time every day to document his latest and greatest happenings. I should have done that. And so, I'll just sort of summarize now and try, try, try to do a better job as both boys continue to grow.

It's hard not to compare the two boys, but I'm not going to. All babies do things on their own schedule, and it wouldn't be fair to compare them, lest it come back to haunt me when they're older and read these pages.

Dylan turned 5 months old last Sunday. FIVE months. By this point in Ethan's life, he was receiving formula, breastmilk, and solids. Dylan has received nothing more than breastmilk. And we'll continue on that track until he is 6 months old. A mere 3 weeks away at this point.

Remember the days when I said Dylan was such a great little sleeper? Remember when I said he'd sleep until 3:30 or even 5:30? I haven't seen a 3:30 wake up since I've been back to work. It's as if he decided, that upon my return to the working world, he would continue to take up the majority of my time. He'd just do it all at night. And so for nearly two months, we have been on a varied schedule. He wakes between midnight and, lately, 2:30. He wakes again two hours later. And again two hours later. I'm tired. So.Tired! I can't even think straight. Operating as a working mom to not one, but two, children in this state is damned near impossible, and at some point I'm going to break. It's the reason people sleep train. At some point, it simply becomes a matter or life or death. I'm hopeful that the six month mark will bring a change. I'm hopeful that solids and formula will help him sleep a bit more. We'll see.

Dylan rolls over like a champ. In fact, I have a cute video of it, but it's a little old.

He can sit for about 1 second on his own. He's just not quite strong enough to do it for longer. Sweet boy. But I know that day is on the horizon. He has great head control and can sit supported just fine. He's just working it all out. Again, in his own time. 

He doesn't quite laugh, but he squeals and screams and smiles. And acts excited when I walk through the door. I love that stage.

Dylan is such a laid back kid. He's just so sweet and cuddly. He still wears his 3 month clothes and is still in a size 1 diaper! But he's growing just fine on his chart. I feel so much like everything is happening in a blur!

Like yesterday morning, it seemed he'd awakened a little more. He's starting to look for things. And he's trying to master putting his paci in his mouth. All of these things are amazing to watch!


  1. Can I just say I'm shocked he still in a size 1! He looks SO big to me I can't believe him and Chloe are in the same size. Anyway. I'm looking forward to our dinner beer swap - next week / weekend sometime?

  2. There is a huge difference between my son (first born) and my daughters baby books. Well actually hers is barely filled out :(
    Sounds like Dylan is doing great and right on schedule. I would also agree that when he starts to get solids he will sleep longer.
    Is Ethan now sleeping all night, I remember the hard times of him not staying in his room. Hopefully he has moved past that.