Friday, April 20, 2012

Update on Baby Craft

So I had my 37-week appointment today. The nurse did her usual weigh me (I've gained not a pound :)), and she listened to the heartbeat, but only for a couple of minutes. 122. No skips. I mentioned the NST. She said she'd ask the doctor. My doc came in and asked if I'd had to test. She had flagged my chart, but the nurse missed it, so I did it after my appointment. I'll start with that, though.

Twenty minutes of a perfect sounding heartbeat hovering right around the 120 mark with jumps up during and directly following movements. Perfect. My little baby boys heart is pumping away! Could've just been a random incident, or they could've just caught that episode last week. Either way, it's EXCELLENT NEWS and eases my worry.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still ready for the little guy to come on out AFTER next week, but it certainly makes me feel more relaxed and happy.

I'll continue to do the NSTs at every visit (the three or four I have left) until baby comes. Hopefully the little guy will stay on this track!

Thanks to everyone that sent prayers and happy thoughts in my direction.


  1. Yay! I bet that was a very reassuring appointment - to say the least!

  2. That's wonderful news and 20 minutes is a good long time to test!

  3. Awesome! SOO happy to hear that!