Monday, April 23, 2012

My Feelings are a Tad Hurt....

So I never expected a baby shower the second time around. However, I find now that my feelings are quite hurt because I didn't get one. It wouldn't have mattered except that the other girl that shares my due date and works in a different department got not one but two showers at work.

But then I told myself that it's because she's having a boy. Different gender. And then my husband's co-workers through him a shower. And now I just feel hurt and left out. I suppose it would be different if I had been working here when Ethan was born, but I wasn't. This is my first pregnancy here.

It just seems a little mean that the women I work with didn't think of me. And then I thought, well maybe they just haven't done it yet. I'm due in less than 2 weeks. They want to take out a damn pool on when I'll have the baby, so they should know time is running out. No one has a shower this late.

Am I silly for feeling hurt by this?


  1. Not silly at all I'd feel shafted. Anyway, we'll have our own shower I'll spray you down in the yard ha ha ( kidding I'll take you to lunch). Anyone I should invite?

    PS: Two packages should be arriving this week so it will start to feel a little like one.

    PPS: Let me know what day works for you dear.

  2. My feelings would be hurt too...especially if they did it for someone else. Maybe if they hadn't, I'd feel a little differently, but still with my feelings hurt. I'm sorry :( I hope maybe they're going to throw you one...

  3. No you aren't. It would make me sad too. I had a blog post when I was about 20 something weeks pregnant that essentially was a pity party because at that point no one had volunteered to throw me a shower. In the end, two groups ended up throwing me a shower. Of course my kids are over two years a part and different genders but still. I think every baby is special and needs a shower or at least some sort of recognition. I'm sorry your co-workers didn't come through for you. Boo to them!

  4. I would certainly be hurt. Back when I had my children people only had one shower but here in California they seem to have showers for every baby you have.
    Being in the same office they should have one for you too. It doesn't matter that she is having a different gender!

  5. not silly at all, I'm sorry chick. that sucks.

  6. Not silly AT ALL! I would feel hurt too :( Who cares if it's a boy and you already have a boy! It's a BABY! Your 2nd baby!! And he's going to be wonderful too!!

    Btw - so glad that you and Mrs. Andventure have hooked up! I just love you both!!