Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Joy of Friends.

Not mine. Ethan's. A couple months ago, my MIL bought Ethan a swingset. This is one of those cedar swing sets with a little house and slide, two swings, a teeter-totter swing and monkey bars. It's pretty pimp. Well, it took the husband quite a few weekends to put the thing together, but it's finally in place.

Our neighbor has a seven-year-old little girl that also thought the swing set was pretty cool. And so I said she was welcome any time. While we're not the best of friends with the neighbors, we do talk and used to walk in the mornings, but 5 a.m. is tough to stick with. I like our neighbors. And I was happy to reach out. And I'm STILL happy.

She came over Sunday and the most amazing thing happened. I was able to gets tons of stuff done while the kids played. And Ethan was in HEAVEN! This little girl seemed to be having a fun time as well. And she came back last night to play. They seem to have fun together.

Now I know it's fleeting. After all, she's seven. She's only going to find a 3.5 year old entertaining for so long, but still, I plan to enjoy it while I can. I can see the benefit of having other kids come over. While I need to be within ear shot, it frees up my hands to focus on things that need to be done around the house. It's awesome. I've thought about how nice it'll be when Ethan is old enough to have sleep overs. Of course, bed time will be a challenge. After all, kids never want to go to sleep during sleep overs, but I can also see the benefits and the fun that could be had.

And what's even better than that is that I can see what moments will be like in the future with the boys. Sure, they'll be brothers, so they'll fight and argue and everything else, but there will be times, too, when they play. How nice will that be?

And it's so sweet to see Ethan's face light up when she comes over and to hear him talk about his friend! I love listening to him play with other kids. It's awesome!

Okay, so now that my pity party is over, I should tell you all that the girls are taking me to lunch Monday to "celebrate" the upcoming arrival. I'm still convinced this was a last minute planning effort, but I'll take it and be happy and feel better. It's the thought that counts, I presume, regardless of when said thought occurs. My luck? I'll have the baby before then!


  1. All of my neighbors are old people...I think...either that or they're vampires and only come out at night. Of course, they could probably say the same for me. After living in apartments for so long, I got used to NOT wanting to know my neighbors. So I really don't want to know mine, but I could see where having a couple of kids over keeping Bree company would work to my benefit.

    And yay for a lunch with your work girls :) Maybe it's not last minute, they just had to work it out where it would for everyone & this was the only option?

  2. I'm glad your co-workers are doing something. That is definitely better than nothing! And it's great having your child have friends. And the sibling relationship is also wonderful! Hayden adores his little sister! It is wonderful to watch them interact. Their relationship is a blessing!

  3. I love that you kinda got a glimpse of the future in how he'll have a little built-in playmate! Yay!

    Your Monday party is so fun! Another yay for that!

  4. Umm I'm pretty sure it would be a BLESSING if your little bun came before then - no need to worry about induction then :o)

    XO see you Friday!

  5. Aww, so sweet on the little playmate - that's awesome! Even if it only lasts for awhile!

    And yea for your monday lunch!! That is exciting! :)

  6. I am happy about the lunch the girls are doing for you :)
    So glad about the little girl who is coming over to play with Ethan.
    Yes your boys will fight but there will be plenty of smiles on your face and a melting heart when you hear them playing and giggling in their bedroom!