Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My little boy is SO growing up. And along with that comes some cute little Ethanisms.

Me: "Are you excited for your baby brother?"
E: "Yes, and I will teach him how to clean my room."

E: "We are secret spy agents, aren't we mom? Like Finn McMissile. And our car is Finn and we are chasing Professor Z's Lemons, aren't we?"

E: "Oh, no! I was about to say stupid, but I stopped myself. That was good wasn't it, mom?"

E (upon having his door shut for not staying in bed): "Is there anybody out there? Anybody? Hello?"

E: And bad sugar will clog up my pipes, won't it? (he means veins)
Me: Yes, it will.
E: Oh, and I will have to eat lots of fruit to get good sugar to clean up my pipes, huh?

E (upon picking up Dad): What's up Dad? You have a good day?

E (upon finding something shocking): "Are you kidding me?"

And finally.....

E (at random): That's just freakin' me out, Mom! *shakes head back and forth*

And here's a pic from last night. He had to put all his favorite things in his backpack and put it on.

And then here's one from me last night. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. Does he look low to you? He feels low. In fact, I'm currently waking at least 5 times a night to visit the bathroom. He's hanging out on my bladder. And before anyone gets excited and thinks that maybe I'll go early. Ethan was the exact same way....and he was forced out at 41 weeks!


  1. Ethan is adorable! Don't you love the things they say? They provide the best amusement possible. Seriously. It can't get better than what kids say!!! The amount of times I had to go pee in the night (and during the day) was ridiculous! Seriously. It was out of control. At least 7 times a night and then I still felt uncomfortable and like I needed to pee. I hated it.

  2. Kids are hilarious and it sounds like Ethan is going to be a clown :o) He's adorable. I can't wait to have one.

  3. You must crack up at Ethan's remarks all the time! What a funny little guy. :)

    Your belly is just so cute!

  4. He is one smart cookie, already planning on having him be his little worker! Ethan is just so cute and smart. I love the things he said. He is so funny! He is looking so grown up. Love the belly shot!

  5. Aww, too funny!!! I love Ethanisms!!! I love that he's already got being an older brother figured out (teaching his baby brother to clean his room, lol).

    Yep, you look like you're carrying low. Which isn't great since you've got a good 5 weeks left! Still look cute, though I'm sure you're not feeling it at this point, lol.

  6. E is SO cute! and smart too. What a hoot! you look adorable by the way, seriously. I love it!