Monday, February 27, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...Where to have the baby

Man, I have a lot going on. I mean, I know I say that a lot, but seriously....I have a lot on my mind and so much I want to get out. So let's start here: where to have the baby.

Seems easy enough, right? At a hospital. However, there are several shades of gray, and I suddenly find myself sifting through them on an endless search for the perfect shade. The shade that fits my family's needs and wants.

So I think I may have made mention of getting a Doula. Makes sense that I would if I'm serving on the Doula Foundation Board, right? Right. We met with her yesterday afternoon and even my husband is on board. But I think I might be ready to take it a step further. What does that mean, you ask?

I'm seriously considering a homebirth. I know. It's late in the game. I have approximately 11 weeks left. Not a lot of time to find a midwife, plan and prepare for such an extreme right? Wrong. I have a great, lovely friend with an awesome recommendation for a midwife. And since she's meeting with her today, she's going to see if said midwife might be willing to take on a late case. I'm hoping for good news. I'm hoping that she'll at least talk to me. I'm hoping that I'm comfortable with her and she's comfortable with me. Hoping, hoping, hoping....

I know. There are people out there that think having a child at home is not just risky, but incredibly stupid. My best friend is one of those people, and I don't think I'm even going to tell her about it. But I make no decisions of this level of importance without a thorough amount of research. And here's the thing. People think midwives don't have the ability to handle emergency situations. However, these people are trained to determine early on whether a transport to the hospital is necessary. They also come equipped with instruments needed to stop bleeding, resuscitate breathing, suction meconium, etc. should those things arise. And the person I'm looking at is partnered with a doctor.

I am low risk. I have had one child. I was not listened to when I had that child and do not want that repeated. I want to birth my baby the way I want to do. If that means I'm squatting when the child comes out, so be it!

In the mean's still not an easy decision and I'm still not wholly convinced.


  1. Katie, I've been doing some pre-conception research and I'm not convinced that I like the idea of a hospital birth either. Katie is totally against it, and Chris isn't 100% sold but I think I'm going to at least have a chat with a midwife. The difference with us is our distance from a hospital, so we would have to do it somewhere else--the midwife I'm wanting to talk to does them in her home for those who are too far away from the hospital to be comfortable with a homebirth.

    I say go for it if you're comfortable! It seems to me that people have no faith in the human body anymore--if you're low risk there's no reason to subject yourself to a hospital. IMO. I know others will disagree. :-)

  2. I think it is a beautiful idea. Did you plan on having Ethan around for the birth? I just wonder how he would handle it. I watched Ricky Lake's document The Business of Being Born and I thought it was fascinating.

  3. Whoa. Wait. I SWEAR we've had this conversation :o). I'm so happy though that you're looking into a mid-wife and if you decide that's what's best for your family then MORE power to you.

    You know I FULLY support the idea, I'm actually going to ask for her number for myself. We're interviewing and if you have an 'in' I'm all ears.

    Good luck & See you Friday!

  4. At least you're really thinking it through and exploring whether it may or may not work for you. I suspect that most midwife situations and home births go off without a hitch, and like you said they're very well trained.

  5. my mom had a homebirth with my sister and loved the experience. I love epidurals to much to have considered it :)