Friday, February 24, 2012

I remember when...a little randomness with some seriousness

Mrs. Adventure is hosting a Mother Event. As a mother, and an expecting mother, I'm very interested. Can't wait for this one. Click the pic and check it out!

Alright. I've been MIA. Nothing new there. I wish I could say all has been well, but it hasn't. I'm on the verge of some very ballistic antics, and I'm just counting down the days for the arrival of little man that is still nameless not because I'm so anxious to experience sleepless nights, but because I need a serious break from what drives most of my weeks.

Today, I am very much remembering what it was like to be so idealistic and so sure of myself. To know exactly what I would and wouldn't stand for and to stand by those convictions. It's true, that for the most part, I do stand by my convictions. I must. It's important! Some lines can't be crossed. However, as I've grown older and been immersed in the "real" working environment for however many years now, I have also learned that sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do and you have to overlook things you may not believe are right. We're not talking major things. We're talking minor stuff, like looking for a letter in someone's office when they're out of town because your boss NEEDS to send said letter to someone ASAP. Maybe you don't feel comfortable doing it and maybe you express that, but when you're told to do it anyway? You do it. You just do it quickly and with little interference, meaning NOT going through the desk. However, miss idealistic co-worker that sees you feels it's her obligation to text out-of-office person immediately. Are you kidding? Because I need someone to rat out my every move. However, she would want to know.....

I get it. I do. But you know what? There comes a point when you realize that sometimes you simply do what you're told. You have children and a family to worry about. Is it worth losing your job over? Hmm. Probably not.

On to other things. I'm 29 weeks pregnant. That means I have 11 weeks left, which means I have 12 - 13 weeks left. I just KNOW this baby is going to be late. We meet with our Doula on Sunday. I'm excited!

I had a doctor's appt last week. I weighed an entire pound more than the appt one month prior. I gained a whole POUND! I was impressed and attribute it 100% to the no-refined-carb thing I'm doing....well....

Okay, for the most part, I'm off refined carbs. I have one guilty exception. Ice Cream. I'm trying, but my goodness I'm having a hell of a time giving it up. Going to keep at that one!

I traveled for work last week and stood at a reception for two hours in high heels. Miserable! Absolutely miserable! Then I walked around the Capitol building, which are comprised of very hard marble floors. I'm not going back till March. Thank goodness. And that'll be the last time! YES!

Alright. Here's my latest pic. This was taken Sunday. By Wednesday, I had grown. Just haven't taken a picture yet, but I can say my little belly button is starting to poke out!


  1. Oh my goodness you've grown :o) We NEED to do lunch you can pick any day and I'll be there. Also, THANK YOU so very much for the shout out your support makes me giddy.

    XO, Rach

  2. Love the picture. Those 11 weeks are going to fly by so quickly.
    Heals for two hours!! Have a nice weekend.