Friday, March 2, 2012

30 weeks.....and (not) growing

Alright. I had my 30-week doctor appointment yesterday. Here's how things went:

  • If you'll recall, I discussed, in length, my struggle with hospital birth vs. Home birth. This decision was not an easy one for me to make and after a very, very LONG discussion with my doctor. (A whopping 40 minutes....who gets 40 minutes with their doctor?), we have decided to go the hospital route. This is not because my doctor used scare tactics like "your baby might die." She actually said, "most likely, you're going to have an uneventful birth with no problems." But there comes a point when one must accept who they are. I am a "what if" person. I am NOT the person who can blindly say, "everything will be fine." I'm the girl who gets on the plane and says, "yes, flying is safer, but eventually...someday, this plane WILL break down. This plane will NOT fly forever. And whose to say they'll retire it before that happens?" The chance of a plane crashing while I am on it is so slim; however, the chance is still there. The chance that I will have some crazy freak hemorrhage that can't be controlled by pitocin or methergen or some other "stop the bleeding" drug is almost non-existent. ALMOST. If it did happen, I'd need an immediate transfusion. I'm not going to get it if it takes at least 40 minutes for an ambulance to get me to a hospital. The chance is SO slim that it's really not worth contemplating. Even my doctor said so. However, I am a what-if person and I can guarantee that I'd be thinking of just that thing if I went with home birth. And so, I'm going to take the education I have regarding my rights and I'm going to apply them. My husband is educated about this and agrees with my wants. And I have a doula. I will not be pushed around. I will not consent to anything I don't believe I need. I will do this my way. And I am comfortable with that. 
  • I have gained a total of 14 lbs. At my 28-week appointment, I had gained a total of 1 lb in 1 months. It's true. At my 30-week? 0 lbs. My doctor told me I need to probably gain a little weight.'s because of the no refined carbs. People who are not pregnant and give up refined carbs see weight loss very quickly. So I guess it's good that I'm not losing weight. :)
  • My fundus (top of my uterus) is measuring at 27 to 28 weeks. I'm 30 weeks. It has grown since last time, but if it doesn't get on the ball, we're going for another ultrasound to make sure baby is growing. I'm really not all that concerned. Naturally, my "what-if" says what if it's something. But I'm just remembering that Ethan was 7 lbs 11 oz at 41 weeks. My babies are not HUGE babies, but they're not small. I imagine he just needs a growth spurt. ;) 
In other news....We start soccer practice next Friday. I'm SO excited for Ethan, but I think I need to keep in mind that he's only 3. My expectations for his ability to stay focus may be a little high, as I recently learned through gymnastics. 


  1. Seeing Ethan running around the soccer field will be so adorable!

    I'm sure everything is just fine with your baby. It seems to be like they grow in spurts anyhow. One day you wake up and you look so much bigger than the day before. I don't know why it works that way!

    You seem so on top of things with how you'll do the birth. Good for you!

  2. Hayden tried soccer. It wasn't for him. We are trying t-ball next. And then maybe back to gymnastics. We will see... Suffice it to say, he has yet to find his "thing" (although he is a fan of tv - just like his mommy).

  3. I'm just like you...a "what if" person. I think this same quality is also what enables us to see things from all perspectives in all areas of life. I'm often able to put myself in someone else's shoes, and I'm willing to bet you are too. Which would make me a horrible person to be on the jury...unless it was easily ascertained and without a doubt they were guilty. I think I would have gone with a hospital birth too. I wasn't happy that I ended up with a c-section the first time around. But, my doctor did let me go a full 30 hours of labor AND my water breaking was the first sign I was in labor...not all doctors will let a woman go that long with her water broken. With Lorenzo, he was on board with me wanting to try for a VBAC, said he was even willing to stay at the hospital for the duration of the labor so I could have the VBAC, as it is hospital procedure that the my OB has to be in the hospital the entire time if the patient is having a VBAC. Normally they could just call him in when he was needed, but not with a VBAC. So, as I often do, I've made a short story longer...the point is that with my second labor, they hooked me up to a monitor and it showed Lorenzo's heart rate kept decelerating when I had contractions, they said he was in distress and needed to have an emergency c-section. So, I'm happy I was in a hospital setting so he was kept safe. I think that if I'd tried for a home birth, he still would have been ok, because midwives surely have a way of checking the baby as well, and we are literally 5-10 min from the hospital since we're right in the city. But, I'm still that what if kind of person and would have stressed the whole labor at home wondering if the baby really was ok and would a complication come up etc. It would have made the labor process much harder for me, worrying about all the unknowns.

    Do people really lose weight quickly once they get rid of refined carbs from their diet? I'm pushing 40 and losing weight is SO much harder for me. I was walking an hour every day on the treadmill, at least 5-6 days out of the week, cut way back, and still had a full month of no loss. I got discouraged and haven't gotten back to it since. Getting rid of processed foods is pretty easy for me since I'm at home and make most everything myself anyway. I'm impressed by how little you have gained!!! That's awesome!!

  4. I am glad you made the decision to go to the hospital. With the baby loss mothers that I follow I believe that the hospital is the best place to be. Ethan playing soccer will be so much fun. Have a great weekend.