Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I've been thinking about so many posts I want to write. So many things I want to share. I just haven't sat down to do it.'s some random stuff that I've been feeling:

I'm growing. And I'm growing in spurts. Apparently, stretch marks are worse for people who grow in spurts. I can already see my old marks. It's time to keep things lotioned up.

I know when I'm about to go through a spurt. I feel pretty tired and generally crappy a day or two beforehand. And then stomach has grown. And I'm not kidding. My ability to zip up my coat on Sunday was much easier than on Monday. It literally happens overnight!

I've had some kickin' round ligament pain. And since I've had two colds in a month's time, I've noticed that every time I cough, my ligaments act like sharp little knives on both sides of my abdomen.

I feel this little baby move around a lot some days and not at all on others. I can go three or four days without feeling a thing. Then I get all worried and think something might be wrong. All of a sudden, it's like baby is having a dance party in there. I know it's still early. 19 weeks. But it's worrisome.

So I know lots of pregnant people. Of those, only one is having a girl. I find out next week. I bet it's another boy. I really have no basis for that. I'm carrying the same, but everything else is different.

I HATE my hair. When I was pregnant with Ethan, my hair was all flowing and shiny and gorgeous. This time it looks like I dyed it with cheap hair dye and removed all the natural luster. I have NOT dyed my hair. It awful.

I can't get to the gym to save my life. I'm averaging twice a week. And while I may have an aunt that feels compelled to leave me posts about how tiny I am and how she hopes this baby puts some meat on my bones, I'm not inclined to agree. I realize and have no problem with the fact that gaining weight is a necessary evil. However, I'm no dummy and this isn't my first time out of the shoot. I also know that the extra FAT I gain now will not go away just because baby popped on out. I'm wisely shooting for that 30lb. mark. No more. Gaining the fat is much easier than losing it. I think we can all agree on that point. And let me say, I can already see the rolls taking shape on my back!

I watched Food Inc the other night. For those that believe this movie is about nothing more than treatment of animals, you couldn't be more wrong. Sure it's in there, but it does not make up the bulk of the movie. It's about the food industry. It makes me happy that I have deer in the freezer, get my pig from a friend, and buy organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, I'm getting SO into this stuff, that I've considered starting a different blog so I don't drive people crazy here. Of course, I barely have time to post to this blog, so I'll really have to consider that a little more before I go with it!

And here are some adorable pics of my first born....and very adorable 3-year-old.

 Family Picture. Ethan HAD to be on his Trike.

 Sitting in front of the Christmas tree. 

 I asked him to smile. This is what I got.

 He was getting a little tired of me snapping shots. 

Ethan still isn't quite sure what to make of my growing tummy. Whenever he sees my tummy, he asks if the baby has grown enough to come out.


  1. I grew in spurts too...that's how I ended up w/so many stretch marks and it wasn't b/c I didn't use the lotion.

    I always have said if I were to get pregnant again, I would definitely watch the weight gain this time. I gained so much weight with Bree and it took me FOREVER to get rid of it!

    Food Inc is one of those life changing documentaries. After I watched outlook on food was completely different! So glad I choose organic!

  2. You know I'm a HUGE fan of food inc. As far as posting info I'm 100% for it. I'd love to know your take on things and where you've found your goods. I can't speak for all your readers so I'll speak for myself... POST THEM HERE. Maybe make a tab for them but I don't think there's a need for two places.

    PS: My phone is getting set up tomorrow so I'll have a local number. I can't wait to meet up with you this weekend or next!

  3. Ah, the "joys" of pregnancy. That round ligament pain can be a real b*tch! Sorry! Isn't if funny how different and yet, so similar pregnancies can be. If it's any consolation...from the family pic, your hair looks really pretty. And Ethan, OH.MY.GOD...what a handsome little man he is. Love the pic's of him in front of the tree. I also think you are one brave woman putting presents under the tree already! My kids don't listen when I tell them not to open them, ha ha. So upstairs they stay, until Santa brings them for Christmas morning!

  4. Oh, and I meant to tell you, my sister in law is growing in spurts too. We saw her Saturday, and on Sunday she said she feels like she grew over night...and we agreed. Her belly looked a LOT bigger. Strange!

  5. I know what you mean about growing overnight. That really does seem to happen! It's crazy!

    He's adorable, and I really love the shot of him with his hands on your belly. :)

    Sorry about all the round ligament pain. I only had that with my second one, but the razor blade pain is horrible!

  6. I agree with trying to not gain too much weight. I gained a lot at first with Harper and then it slowed down. I ended up only gaining 23 pounds with her. I don't think I grew in spurts. At least I didn't notice that. Neat though.

  7. you look so cute! and I so wish I'd tried harder with weight during my last pregnancy. I gained 60. sigh. and can't lost 20 :(

  8. you do look adorable though. i can't wait to find out what you are having! love the ethan shots.

  9. The pictures are so cute.

    I remember when Oprah had a show about Food, Inc. I learned a lot and have a book from one of the guests.