Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Once Upon a Time....A Boy Turned Three

Okay, Ethan turned 3 way back in October. However, we didn't have a working computer to upload our pictures to from the camera, so I failed to post any pictures.

I didn't do anything spectacular for his birthday. We went to my mother-in-law's because it would be easier for my mom and family to come there for his birthday, and since Mom was moving to California, I wanted her to see him before she went. I didn't realize she'd move back a month later! So here are some pictures from that wonderful day.
 Happy boy about to blow out candles on his train cake

 Ethan with his cousin Lillyan. She was about 1.5 months

 My little super hero boy! 

 Thomas the Train Busy Book. One of his BEST presents. He loves this thing. 

Thomas the Train Wooden Railways from Mom & Dad. Santa will soon be adding to the collection.

And while this next one isn't from Ethan's birthday, it's pretty awesome for my boys. Clint got his first Buck EVER! It was a 9-point with one antler broke off, so it could've maybe been more. And he did it with his bow. Apparently, it was the perfect shot, so the deer went down fast, which makes me feel better about the whole thing. AND I have to say that with all the growth hormone, rising costs, and rising contamination in our foods, I much rather eat something that was harvested practically out of our own backyard (it's right down the road) then something bought in the store shipped in from who knows where. Anyway. Ethan was pretty excited about the deer, too. He asked all kinds of questions! I'm proud of both my boys.


  1. Yay for that fabulous birthday party!

    And if you didn't know the deer was a goner, you'd think he was looking at the camera in a pose!

  2. He's gotten so big! He's such a handsome little guy!

    That is very impressive (about the deer). Being an animal lover, I have a hard time with the whole killing animals thing, but I know it is part of life. Most of my guy friends from home are hunters, and there were many times there was a buck hanging from my best friends garage that her father had killed. So, while I couldn't do it myself, I know it's a pretty big deal to actually get one (and with a bow too!).

    Glad Ethan had a great birthday!

  3. He looks so grown up! Sounds like he had a nice birthday.

  4. he's so handsome! and i hope he loves his train stuff!