Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What a difference....a week makes

I have a lot of randomness going on right about now. I just spent quite a bit of time replying to comments I haven't had a chance to reply to....I'm a sucky blogger lately, and I apologize dearly.

I am starving....all.the.time. It's a problem. And I'm craving something but I don't know what it is. Annoying.

So we're instituting some cry it out tonight. My kid is killing me and it's either I keep crying or he cries for a few nights. I'm no good at this kind of stuff....and I tend to cave, but the hubby will keep me strong. Ethan comes to our bed every night. EVERY NIGHT. And you can't sleep with him because he's a little thrasher. You have elbows and legs and feet and whole bodies in your face all night long! It's impossible and I'm dying from exhaustion. It just keeps getting worse! So he's 3. He understands. He knows. He can cry. He HAS to learn how to sleep in his bed. I mean, seriously, when the other baby comes, I won't get any sleep for other reasons. This has to be resolved and NOW.

I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I've gotten so many neat ideas off of there. Now I just have to try them out. I'm not all that crafty...no patience. I have none. But maybe it'll help me develop some. Wouldn't that be something.

So I'm going to be a giant this pregnancy. It's already starting. Yesterday was a day of pulling and cramping and general discomfort. And so I popped. Check out the comparison between last week and this week. Oh my!


  1. wow that is definitely a baby bump!!! good luck with CIO. G is still with us.

  2. Well look at you and your adorable belly!

  3. Love the belly. I am in love with Pinterest and it has me inspired to do things again. I started baking!!

  4. You look so cute! I have totally sucked at blogging lately too!

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