Monday, October 24, 2011

The forgetfulness dilemna

So this week marks the end of my first trimester. That means I have a measly six months left. That's not enough time, I tell you!

I wish I had something exciting to say about all this, but things have been going a long smoothly, which is better than the alternative. The only thing of note is my brain. Or lack thereof....

You know, they say pregnant mommas are forgetful. The first time around, I thought it was because I was so focused on the whole, I can't believe I'm pregnant thing, but I'm more forgetful this time, and I sometimes forget I'm pregnant! It's a problem. I big problem.

In fact, yesterday, here's a convo with the hubby after I came home from the grocery store with the wrong thing.

Me: "But I called you and you didn't answer."
Clint: "Well, next time why don't you hand me my phone and tell me you're going to call me when you get to the store because you'll forget what we talked about right before you left."
Me: "It's not my responsibility to make sure you have your phone. Maybe you should answer it sometime!"

End of conversation with me getting really upset. I mean, I get that I can't play the forgetful card at work. I just have to look like an idiot. But don't I get a pass at home? I mean, c'mon!


  1. They should always answer their phone, don't they know that!!!
    Sorry about the forgetfulness.

  2. That mama brain is awful! I so remember that. But I'm thinking for 9 months, he needs to just accept that he's wrong. No matter what.

  3. I have those forgetful moments every month during my period. I am so air headed during that time it's crazy. I especially hate going to the grocery store at the time, because even though I have a list...I always forget some stuff that we really needed. I understand whole heartedly.