Friday, October 21, 2011

FAF--Is it wise?

So I've decided to join Brandy this week in a little Fat Ass Friday. Maybe because the title is fitting. After all, over the next 6 months and 1 week (no I'm not counting down), I'm going to pack on some pounds!

I mean, look at the progress I've made just in 11 weeks! And this picture makes my tummy look a lot smaller than it actually looks in real life!
 I am already sporting a little baby bump. And I remember last time. I was BIG. So what's my stats? Well, so far, I've gained about 6 lbs. And we're not even through trimester 1! week will mark the beginning of my second trimester. 6 months to go!


  1. You can do it. You're little bump is cute

  2. You look so cute. Don't be too concerned over your weight. Just eat well and enjoy your pregnancy.

  3. You have a cute baby bump! I don't plan on having another baby, but I've said that if something were to happen...I'd watch my pounds this time around. I got so freakin' big with Bree it wasn't even funny!

  4. aww cute!
    u dont need to do FAF lol

  5. Your belly is so cute! I did a lot of swimming with my pregnancies, but they were both summer babies. I also walked when I could with the second. Good luck and hope you have a very healthy pregnancy!

  6. seeing your baby bump makes it even more real. so cute.