Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So much to say.....but we mustn't forget Ethan.

Alright. Now that the news is out, I have about a billion things I want to say. However, there are other things I should talk about. Like the 3-year-old well-baby visit with Ethan this morning. I must warn you....I'm about to be that braggy Momma.

Here are the stats:
Ethan is 36.25" tall, which is in the 25%. He's a short little guy, which means he'll be older before he can ride the awesome rides at the amusement park. These are the things I think about. After all, I like riding the awesome rides at the park.

He's just over 30 lbs. That's around the 37%. He sure feels like he weighs a whole lot more than that! Honestly, I was shocked.

BMI. I didn't even know they looked at BMI in kids. He's in the 50%. She said that's really good and they don't worry until they're in the 90th or above. So it's good.

Overall, he did great. He mostly cooperated with everything they did. Toward the end of the visit, he became the obnoxious 3-year-old I know and love so well.

And here's where the bragging comes in....she said he has a very large vocabulary and is very articulate. I have heard so many people comment on how well he speaks, but you never really know what to believe. And she had him do a couple things and said, "Wow. That's on a 4-year-old level." I glowed like any proud momma would!

I'm not a "Tiger" mom, but I do have high expectations for Ethan. I don't think they're too high, and there have been times when I've realized I am expecting too much. At those times, I adjust, but my expectations still stay high. Attain-ably high. Because of those expectations, I work with him. I don't expect him to just "know" things; although, he has surprised me several times. I drill him on stuff and ask him questions. I work with him at his pace. If he's over it, I move on. There's no point in forcing him. And, I praise him and get super excited when he spells a new word or solves a new word problem.

Overall, though, I think it's just Ethan. I'm sure that my encouragement and standards helps him live up to his potential, but it's Ethan that has the drive, curiosity and independence to pursue knowledge. I certainly hope he maintains that drive as he grows into a man.

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  1. So glad that he is doing so well. I knew he was above his level when I read your posts. He is one bright boy!!!