Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

Bet you're thinking of Tesla right now. Or that I've seen lots of signs regarding the gender of the baby. You'd be wrong on both counts. Although....the title does take me back to a very intimate acoustic set Tesla put on here at a local bar many, many years ago before we were even considering baby #1. It was a great time....and a great story. I'll save that for another day.

No, I'm talking about those peoplw who stand on the side of the road holding giant signs. Get Your Taxes Done HERE! Greggers is Having a Huge Sale! Check it Out! Halloween Outlet Store This Way! $5 Pizzas Ready to Go!

These crazies stand on the edge of the road, or sometimes the median, and twirl giant signs half their sizes. They dance around like no one can see them...maybe because they're usually decked out in a costume of some sort.

I've sometimes wondered what I would be like if I was hidden away behind a mask so that no one could see my true identity. Would I twirl the sign and laugh when I dropped it? Or would I get embarrassed? Would I dance my butt off because I felt invisible or would I be terrified someone I know would see me?

I like to think that I'd let loose and really go for it. Jump up and down. Dance back and forth. Really shake my stuff. Of course, since I will never aspire to be a sign holding dancer, I'll never really know.


  1. I always wonder that too...funny.

  2. Not your typical post! I do know someone who actually did that.