Monday, December 10, 2012

Seeing Things Differently....a few random pieces

Life in the Craft household changes on a daily basis. Here are a few things we have going on:

  • Dylan moves. I mean, that child can move across the room at lightening speed. So fast, in fact, that he managed to get into his brother's mess of glitter and glue before I knew it, thus effectively eating some glue and is sure to have some sparkly poo! 
  • Ethan is super excited for his Pajama Party at Preschool Friday night. Yep. We get to drop both kids off for FOUR hours. I was hoping to catch a movie, but unfortunately, Clint's work party is that night, so I guess I'll be doing that instead. *sigh*
  • I need a Eureka Boss. Something that does hardwood and carpet. Little fingers and mouths abound. 
  • Finals is this week. I'll be ready to see the semester end. 
  • I haven't gotten anywhere on my dissertation. What was I thinking?
  • My tree looks full, but really it's just lot of Ethan's gift wrapping obsession. He's been wrapping drawings and pencils. I think I'll let him open them before we head up for Christmas! 
I know there's more. Tons more. I just don't know what it is. Oh, Dylan now eats sweet potatoes, bananas, apples, squash, steel cut oats....I think that's all. He LOVES to eat. I still can't believe he's 7 months. In a month, he'll be able to eat small chunks of food.

And now for a couple shots. The first is our home-made Christmas picture. It was hard to get everyone seated and ready. Some people tell me I should cut Dylan's hair. I refuse....adamantly until he's at least one. He'll never have that crazy hair again and I just can't do it. 
 This is the normal state of my living room. For real. I can clean it up and they can destroy it in half the time! See the presents? Mostly drawings and pencils!


  1. LOL to the drawings and pencils. That's awfully cute, and so is the fact that you may see some glitter poo shortly!

  2. cute family pic! I'm somehow managing to keep the girls from messing with the wrapped presents. it feels like a christmas miracle :)

  3. Well the sparkling poo should be exciting. Sorry about missing the movie but at least your getting some adult time out. Love your family pictures, you are all so good looking! Love that Ethan has been wrapping gifts, that's really cute. It's okay for your room to look like that. (actually it doesn't look bad at all)
    Kids have to play. I use to drive myself crazy cleaning up after them all day long. My husband would say wait until they go to bed. Now we let Skye have her toys all over the house all the time!