Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Remember the other child....well, he's growing.

So I've been pretty focused on getting Ethan's issues under control before he breaks us that I haven't bothered to mention my youngest in a while. What a horrible thing NOT to mention that little ray of sunshine!

Dylan is now 7 months old. It doesn't seem like he should be SEVEN months old. Around 6 months, he started getting up a little bit on all fours. He's alternate between crawling and army crawling. Mostly, he stays on his belly, but he moves his legs opposite his arms, so every now and then, he picks his body off the floor and legitimately crawls. I think the other way is just faster for him.

He gives hugs and kisses. By that, I mean that when I pick him up, he grabs each side of my face, opens his mouth wide and comes in for the kill. He then moves on to whatever it was he was looking at or trying to reach. It's the most adorable thing, even if I do feel like I've been sufficiently drenched in saliva.

We still have no teeth. I can't tell if he's teething.

He generally wakes once a night these days....since I got a space heater for his room. :) Although, last night he woke up twice. Ugh.

Dylan LOVES his brother and watches with rapt attention. When he can, he crawls over to him and pulls on his hair, ears, face, whatever he can get his hands on.

So far, Dylan has had steel cut oats, bananas, butternut squash, apples, and avocados. He loves most of it these days and looks forward to eating. During the day. He doesn't do so well at night. Last month, I broke down and let him have formula. He now gets one bottle of formula a day. I continue to pump once a day at work, which isn't terrible. I look forward to the day when I don't pump any times, but I can't seem to let go completely. Motherhood....it's a strange thing.

Dylan is such a happy baby. He couldn't be a sweeter little guy. He smiles all the time, plays well on his own when I need him to, and sleeps great. He's pretty amazing. And while I feel like time should just slow down a bit, I am also so happy that I get to be a part of his growth and his life. I look forward to the day when he and his brother can really start playing together!

I remember when he was this tiny. My little 5 lb. 10 oz. bundle of joy. 

 To the days when his paci practically covered his entire face.

 To keeping him in this little napper beside my bed at 15 weeks and beyond. He was there until he was nearly five months old.

To 4 months when he became so interested in the blanket UNDER him. That blanket, BTW, was given to me by Sheila. Isn't it awesome!

To sitting up for long stretches
And showing off the shining personality of his!

To 7 months. Where he has begun pulling up on things and is so close to putting himself in a sitting position all by himself. Cruising isn't going to be far behind!

To everything wonderful Dylan does. Every smiles, every laugh, every snuggle, every milestone. This kid brings so much joy into our lives and I feel so blessed to have him!


  1. Awwww, loved hearing about all of his cuteness! I can just picture him going in for a wet sloppy baby kiss. Too cute!

  2. I'm SO not read for crawling, but those wet kisses sound perfect :o)

  3. He's HUGE! And he has so much hair!

  4. He is such a sweetie pie and cute as a button!