Friday, November 9, 2012


So Dylz pulled an every-two-hour night with an early wake up of 5:30 this morning. I'm tired. It's so hard having little ones. I want to sleep SO bad, and I find myself thinking, "This will pass. It will." The trouble is that when it passes, so does this stage of Dylan's life. And knowing he's my last little guy, it's bittersweet. So, so bittersweet.

I rarely get up on the weekends with the kids. This is my time to catch up on sleep so I can tackle the next week of night wakings. But this morning, I was forced to get up (the hubs was in a tree stand somewhere waiting for that mysterious monster buck to appear). The good thing about being forced to sit by the little one while he wiggles around is that he's in his best mood in the morning.

So he's been pulling his knees under him for a week or two now. But he doesn't make a move to crawl. He army crawls EVERYWHERE, but not hands and knees crawl. This morning, he pulled his knees under, rose up on his forearms and rocked back and forth. He's getting there!

It is amazing to see how quickly they change. Sometimes you can see the progression over a period of weeks. Sometimes they seem to develop skills overnight, as though they dreamed about it and were suddenly able to do it upon waking. It's so awesome to watch them figure it all out.

Dylan is just 6 months old. I know he'll be crawling soon. And while I enjoy watching him grow, it seems SO fast. And I'm truly sad about it.

Next week is our next round of vaccines. I've been reading The Vaccine Book, which is not an anti-vaccine book. Stay tuned for more....

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  1. Vaccines are a touchy subject these days. My children grew up with vaccines and we had no issues. Today you really have to be well read on them. Sounds like he will be crawling really soon. Then it's all about chasing him around!