Monday, October 8, 2012

On Turning 4

It's unbelievable to think that my little Ethan turns four today. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I was holding him on my chest. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that everything seemed so new and we were navigating the new parent waters with little help.

I'm amazed at the boy he has become and am excited to see the boy and man he will become in future years. He is an amazing kid that seems to baffle me constantly with his wit, humor and intelligence. I can definitely say that Ethan is his own child. He is spirited, challenging, loving, and so much more.

Over the weekend, we had a party for him at Incredible Pizza. We were going to have his party at the park, but the weather decided to be fickle. So then we were going to do it at my house, but none of the kids from big school were able to come. One friend was out of town, and the other got sick the day before the party. So it was just one other child his age and a bunch of grown-ups and babies.

Hence to move to the pizza place. Incredible Pizza is like a Chucky Cheese or Show Biz, only they have a buffet and go-carts.

Last minute, my mom was able to bring Ethan's cousin Jacob with them, so he had two boys his age to play with, which was perfect. I think over all, he had a fantastic birthday. And his grandma was able to make a Finn McMissile cake, just like he wanted.

Life with Ethan has never been boring.

From his first breath

 He was exhausting from the day he was born
 But so cuddly that I couldn't help but love him
 From his ability to keep a smile on his face even with an ear infection

to his determination at 6 months

 To those very first steps at 10 months old

and his gorgeous blue eyes at a year
 And his curiosity at a 1 1/2
 His joy at 2
 And the way he charges at everything zealously
 His scientific desires at 2 1/2
 His unbridled joy at 3
 To his willingness to run when he didn't want to at 3 1/2
and his adaptability when another joined our family
 And to the pride shining through his eyes as he takes on the role of "Big Brother"
 To his bright eyes, his inquisitive spirit and his joy at being a kid

Ethan is forever amazing me


  1. So cute! It sounds like he had a good birthday! Happy birthday to Ethan!

  2. he gets cuter and cuter! love the pic of him and his daddy with the turkey, cute!! happy birthday ethan!!

  3. I loved the photos and damn if my eyes are a little weepy.

  4. Happy Birthday to Ethan. Thank you for all the pictures. He is just so darn handsome! His eyes and that smile will get him places for sure.