Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Feeding Newbies and Nurturing Smarts

This a double post. Why? Because I have two kids and I have things to say about each. First, enjoy some pics of my sitting up, mobile baby.

Alright, so Dylan can inch-worm his way to basically anything he wants. He'll be 6 months next week, which means Mommy was NOT (IS NOT) ready for this. It's not that I mind mobility. In fact, I think mobility is a wonderful thing. However, I'm not quite ready to digest how quickly he's growing up. It can't possibly be that I gave birth to this active little bundle a whole 6 months ago! It's astounding to think it's been so long. 6 months has gone by in a blip! A BLIP I tell you!

Saturday, we started cereal. I ground up some Steel Cut Oats and cooked them up for the little guy. I wanted to wait until we hit the official 6 month mark; however, out of sheer desperation, I caved. I needed SLEEP. And night one and two of cereal-filled Dylan saw two night wakings. Then last night happened. From 12:30 on, it was every two hours. Now I know he can go longer than that, so I refuse to feed him that often (this is new). I will feed him every four. He's just being a Mr. Wakey boy and some training may be in our future. Hate.

On to my other munchkin. Enjoy a few shots.

As you can see, we finally cut the poor boy's hair. Only because he chose to cut a chunk out on his own. Of course, I was warned. He did tell me it was in his eyes. Eventually, he gave up on Mom and took matters into his own hands. And so here's Mr. Spikey Prep Boy! The picture above was taken at the Pumpkin Patch. 

Ethan has a lot going on. First of all, he's just as cute as he can be. Second of all, he's smart. And his level of smart gets him in trouble. I did have Ethan tested. Why? Because I honestly believe in being an advocate for my son and I honestly believe in providing him the appropriate resources to help stimulate his growth, whether it be physical or mental. 

Last night, I received a call from the center about his test. As they were going through it, he was averaging the 110 range, which is considered high average. However, they would like to test him again. Why? Because they believe he's above that level. Apparently, true to form, he started giving false answers and laughing about it halfway through the test. Let me give an example.

When I told Ethan they would like to see him again because they thought he had purposely given some wrong answers, he laughed and said, "They asked me which on of the pictures stands on two feet, and I said doody!" He laughed harder. He thought it was hilarious. Great. He's answering "doody" for everything! 

And so they don't believe he gave an accurate picture of how smart he is. They think he's quite gifted, but bored. Hence the reason for a DIFFERENT test. One they hope will hold his interest for the 90 minutes it takes to complete it. In the mean time, I have to try to come up with reinforcement that will help him stay on track. 

I know he's only 4. I know this. But if you really knew him, you might understand why I'm taking this route. I'm afraid he's going to fall below the mark and just be seen as a class clown when really no one seems to be able to keep him engaged. I certainly struggle with it! 

Besides, I really don't need to explain why I'm doing this or why I think it's best. I know I'm not sitting at home drilling the kid. I know I try to get him to go play and run around outside. I know that I want him to be a kid as much as possible. Because quite frankly I know what it's like NOT to have that. Friday morning, we'll go back to the testing center. Friday morning, I will encourage Ethan to do well without telling him I'm testing him for giftedness. And I will do it because I feel it's best for him.


  1. I admire you trying so hard to make sure he has the right resources. I was totally the bored class clown so I understand where you are coming from. I made A's in the classes I loved and C's in the ones I hated. Why? Because I figured out all I had to do was the pass the tests with A's - and I'd make a C and never have to touch a shred of homework. I wish I could go back in time and whip my own butt :o)

    Lunch later on this week?

    1. PS: would you please turn off your word verification - its WAY to hard to leave comments. XO.

  2. Silly Ethan with the doody! Dylan is precious!

  3. Awe, they're both so cute. I love his shaggy hair, but he is cute both ways! Boys and their doody... lol

  4. Well he looks awfully cute with his new spiky do even though it came from a less than desirable beginning! Both boys are super duper cute!

  5. I love seeing pictures of the boys. So different yet equally cute!
    Love Ethan's new hair cut. Hope Dylan can get into a sleeping routine for you soon. Ethan, that little smartie pants! Can't believe his answers and the fact that he knows exactly what he is doing. Of course he should be tested and be in programs that will keep his mind busy.