Thursday, September 27, 2012

Roll Over, Roll Over!

My little man is a rolling machine. He has been able to roll from tummy to back for a few weeks, but in the past week, he has learned how to roll from back to tummy. He struggled in the beginning, but now he rolls like a pro. And he's beginning to figure out how to roll to objects he's after. Not only that, but he is starting to be able to sit for a few seconds at a time. It truly is amazing to think that he was born almost 5 months ago! He's growing so quickly. And I feel like I'm missing it all. I'm beginning to resent my job. But that's a post of its own.

Either way, he's completely adorable. In fact, here's some pictures of both of my adorable boys.


  1. He is growing up so fast. The pictures are so cute and I love the underwear on the head!!!

  2. what a cutie! they are both growing up so fast!!