Monday, March 12, 2012

It's all about time....

I want to have more time to write. I have so many things to say. I think of them all the time.

Time. I have no time. I feel like the small amount of time I have is taken up with other things. I miss staying connected. I miss reading about my blog friends. I'm afraid it will stay this way.

I hope some things fall into place that will allow me to have more time. I'm crossing my fingers. It can't happen soon enough!

I miss you all. I'll write soon. Maybe Thursday. I'll be 32 weeks Thursday. THIRTY TWO! I cannot believe it. I have hiccups going on in my belly as I type....


  1. Oh hiccups, how cute! We'll be here whenever you have time again. No worries!

  2. It's okay. Sometimes I'm just not motivated...your reasoning for now time is better than my "don't-wanna" attitude :) I've blocked out every bit of being pregnant. That's horrible isn't it?

  3. I feel your pain! I need to win the lottery so I don't have to work and have more "time!" :)
    32 weeks?! OH MY!!!!
    I miss your blogginess too! And I have ALSO been a horrible blogger :(

  4. Oh! The hiccups always cracked me up!! Enjoy them! Kelly G

  5. Your so busy and soon you will be even more busy. I hope you can find some time to stay connected.