Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Six Month Check Up and Random Bits

Dylan had his 6-month check up yesterday. And so here is how it went.

The crazy rash spreading over his body? Baby Eczema. Vaseline apparently works on that.

Weight: 13.05 lbs. Yep. He's a little guy. He dipped down to just under the 5%. She wants to see him in a month to check his weight again. She's not overly's not that far off. And she knows I'm starting formula (a little).

Best comment of the visit? "You feed your child better than anybody I know!" You bet your ass I do. Thank you very much. :) And I'm considering MAKING my own formula for the little one. Why? Because it doesn't pretend to be organic and still have words I couldn't pronounce if you held a gun to my head.

He's healthy, happy, right on target. And he got one shot. Prevnar. Didn't cry and so far hasn't even ran a fever. I'm not letting that breath go until at least this weekend, though. It could be a delayed reaction.

Random TidBits
  • In my last post, I said I was sneaking E some BMilk. I'm not gonna do that anymore. Nope. Instead, I'm going to pick up some Elderberry Concentrate today. Everyone (except Dylz) will get at least 1 tsp a day. Maybe a bit more when ill. Operation healthy family shall commence
  • Wish I would've thought about it sooner. Dylz and I have been fighting off a nasty little cold. I'm feeling better today, but it's been rough, I won't lie. 
  • My Saturday is going to be jam-packed. My little town is having their XMas parade...I know it's before Thanksgiving. So we have breakfast with Santa, parade, chili cook-off...etc. I also have playgroup at 2. And dinner with a friend that evening. Should be a fun day! 
  • Sunday, I'm relaxing! 
  • Ethan doesn't go to sleep until like 10. It's annoying and an every night occurrence. 
  • We find out how his test went tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous!


  1. Good for you on getting that pat on the back! Operation healthy family is working out well!

    Your Saturday really DOES sound like fun!

  2. I wonder how his test went too. Exciting!!! 10pm?! No ma'am! I go to bed by 9pm (at least I try to). That is late!

  3. Oh so never mind on my last comment about your idea on the breat milk :) Glad that Dylan is doing well. Hope Saturday was fun! Yes 10 is pretty late for him. I want his energy.