Monday, September 17, 2012

In the Spirit of Rememberance

In the early morning hours of Saturday, a single-engine plane descended for its last time, crashing in a field just miles from the airport. Upon this plane was a man, his three children, and a family friend (aka girlfriend). They were on their way home from a baseball game north of here.

I cannot imagine the fear that went through them as they realized they were going down. As the plane spiraled to its fiery grave taking such young lives with it. I cannot imagine the devastation of waking to find out that your children and their father are gone. All. Gone. No goodbye. No warning. No nothing.

We all hear about these types of things and we always think that we should hold our own a little more tightly. I only knew of these people, as the father was on our Board. I don't know the mothers of these children. But I don't have to know them to hurt for them.

All I can think is that if I woke up one day to discover that my children were gone, I wouldn't want to live. I couldn't function. I could never move on or escape the pain that would come with it. I would want to die with them.

It's funny (or sad) to see how some deal with tragedy. I, personally, begin a series of small self reflections. I wonder about the last words I say to my children or the last words I say to my husband. Because let's face it, he could die on the way to work. No, we can't live our lives as thought each time we part will our last, but I think it would be to our benefit to treat each parting as a moment to say "I love you." Just in case.

There are others that abide by the adage, "don't let a good crisis go to waste." These people use such tragedies as a way to self-promote. And they see nothing wrong in doing so. It's good business, I suppose. My heart doesn't function that way. I am not built to take advantage of loss. I'm built to mourn loss and respect those that struggling with it. And I believe there is a special place for those that find selfish opportunity in such circumstances.

Today I reflect upon the loss of such young lives and the suddenness of that loss. And I will hug my children a little tighter and tell them a little more often how much I love them and how much they mean to me. And I will pray that I never have to experience the type of pain the mothers of those babies are going through. For their a reason parents are supposed to leave this world before their children. Children grow to have their own lives and their own families. Parents, well, their lives are always centered around their children.


  1. I deal with it the same way you do. I reflect, appreciate, and am extra thankful for my loved ones and blessings.

  2. We can't take life for granted, it is so precious. What a sad story and I try really hard to be thankful each day for the blessing that are given to me. ((HUGS))