Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conversations with Mr. Smarty Pants...Totally Ethan

So every morning, during the week anyway, Ethan wants Mommy and Daddy to snuggle with him before he has to get out of bed. I wish he would do that on the weekends, but when Saturday and Sunday roll around, he's all ready to hop out of bed with the sun! Anyway, while I'm usually running late, late, late, I love this time I get to snuggle with my bug. (Incidentally, Ethan hates nicknames; however, he will readily admit that he's my bug. After all, I've been calling him some variation of "bug" since he popped out. It makes me feel special!).

As the day nears when we will welcome our little bundle of joy, I realize and am struck by the sadness of losing some of these moments with Ethan. I know, it'll be different and there will be "other" moments, but right now, I have Ethan all to myself and he has me all to his self. It will be a little sad to let that go. Normal feelings, I'm sure.

But hopefully, we'll still have these types of conversations:

"Mom, my muscles are really strong cause I drink lots of milk!"
"Yes, your muscles are strong because your bones are strong."
"Mom. What is blood?"
"You know what blood is. Your blood is full of cells and keeps all your organs and everything in your body going. Without it, you wouldn't be alive."
"Yeah, and if my heart doesn't pump the blood, then you can't be alive either."
"That's right."
"But Mom? Pop tarts aren't good for your heart, are they?"
"No, they're not."
"But pears and oranges are."
"Yes, pears and oranges are good for your heart and your bones and muscles."
"Yeah. And natural sugar is good for your heart, isn't it?"
"Well, it doesn't really work like that. Natural sugar is much, much better for you than fake or refined sugar."
"Yeah, and are pancakes and syrup good for you? Is it natural sugar?"
"Well, only 100% maple sugar is natural. Not other kinds of syrup."
"Oh, I will have to tell M what foods are good for you."

And this is where hubby jumps in.....
"You know M hates you."
"Well....do you think I'm crazy?"
"I'm not as fanatic as you are, but no, you're not crazy."
Warms my heart!

And here's the thing....so yeah. Ethan asked M for a pop tart for breakfast last week when I dropped him off. She said, "Oh, those aren't very nutritious. They're more of a snack." Um. She's been boasting about how much the kids LOVE them....and all of a sudden she decided they aren't nutritious....something tells me that Ethan was very informative one day. That's the thing about kids. They think everyone should know what they know!

*Disclaimer....I'm not an expert. Maybe there is another "natural sugar" syrup out there. However, for Ethan's purposes, this information gets my point across.


  1. too funny! kids are smarter than we give them credit for!

  2. I love it! He is just so cute and absorbs everything. Those are great things to absorb.

  3. That is so cute that he's spreading the healthy message!