Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wow! I'm a pretty sucky blogger!

Alright. So it just occurred to me that I completely forgot to post a major announcement. On December 22, I had my 20 week ultrasound and appointment. And we're NOT one of those couples that WAITS until the baby is born to find out what the gender is. So for those that don't follow me on facebook, I suppose it's pretty big news.

Let's start with the ultrasound. A lot of people get solely focused on finding out the baby's gender at the 20 week. While I was excited and apprehensive about that, I was also aware that this one is the one where they tell me whether everything is okay. I opted out of the early genetic/downs testing, deciding I wouldn't get an abortion regardless of results. And since the risks increase with age, I had this tiny voice back in my head saying everything might NOT be okay.

Maybe was moving. I mean breaking it down, barely able to measure anything moving. This kid was going CRAZY! It made me smile. But then she was having trouble checking out the gender and the thought occurred to me that she might not get it. Oh NO! Of course, she did finally get a peak, and we're expecting another BOY!

I thought I would be so disappointed, depressed, upset. After all, this is my last child and my last chance at a baby girl. Surprisingly, I was relieved. I'm not girly. I don't spend time on my hair. I wear the bare minimum of make up. I like to get dirty and time on the river is one of my FAVORITE activities. I'd have the girl that screamed at the site of bugs and thought canoeing was a form of torture inflicted by her parents. She'd want me to do her hair all the time. What would I do with that? I barely comb Ethan's hair in the morning. I'm not kidding.

And so, I realized that it was the idea of a girl that I wanted more than an actual girl. It would've been fun. And cute. And pretty awesome to have a little girl running around that looked like me. Of course, I could've gotten a little girl running around that looked like Clint. So there you have it. I little boy it is, and I'm thrilled.

Everyone said, "well at least you won't have to buy anything." Um....yeah. Winter babies and Summer babies don't wear the same clothes. Ugh. But that's okay. :)

Alright. Now for the stats.

At 20 weeks, I weighed 130 lbs. That's a whole 12 to 14 lbs heavier than I was when I started this thing. I can feel the weight. BUT, I'm on track and hope to stay on track.

I'm over halfway there at this point. I'm looking at 22 weeks tomorrow. WOW. Can't believe it.

Here's the thing. Doc said that I should prep to be a week late. Ultrasound is reading at one week behind, and since Ethan's ultrasounds did the same and he was late, she thinks I'll go late. I am PERFECTLY okay with that because I know what comes with the baby. Sleep deprivation that could only be described as a form of severe torture. I can wait.


Pics at 21 weeks:


  1. It was WONDERFUl having lunch with you today dear, glad to hear everythings going well with the wee one locked inside your belly.

    On a side note: You look better from behind prego than I do my love handles are showing everyone love.

  2. Update on the side note - Better than I do now NOT expecting. That makes sense right? Oh hell now I'm confused...

  3. I read your blog regularly but never comment (sorry I suck) but just wanted to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!! And you look adorable! Seriously I was hoping you would post a picture from the front and you are such a cute pregnant person! Also, I felt the exact same way about girls and really wanted only boys BUT now I couldn't imagine it any other way. So, who knows, if God has other plans for you and you end up with a girl in the future you'll be great at that too. But congrats on the two boys!

  4. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I'm not sure if I have you on Facebook. Deborah Pucci I don't go on often but now that I got a phone with it I check it a little more.

  5. We should totally be Facebook friends (my name I melissa Belden werner). Anywho - I am glad he is healthy. Going in for my appointment with Harper, I was eager to know the gender but also worried about her health. You never know if your baby is okay and healthy - and that ultrasound reveals a lot! I have thought about Harper and her being a girl (and me not being a girly girl). I do now know how to braid hair an stuff. We don't do big bows. It's just not in the cards. I think she will come out fine though. At least I hope she will. Good luck!

  6. Ohhh, congrats on another boy!! Speaking from experience, girls are SO much drama. They are also sweet as can be when then want to...but boys, while they are much more physical and more work in that sense...girls are tough to deal with when they get sick...or when they are moody (which honestly, feels like ALL the time!). I don't know how you do it, but you look amazing when you are pregnant. Even if you don't feel like it, you really do!

  7. Congrats on another boy! (Remember i have 3 boys!) And i will NEVER forget the nurse telling me in labor/delivery when i was going in to have Coby....She said "3 boys? Well - just keep in mind...boys ALWAYS take care of their mommas!" I think about that ALL the time! I love my boys and have NO CLUE what i would do wtih a girl, either! Guess God knew what he was doing, huh?!
    SOOO happy for you! And you look great!

  8. I said it on FB and I"ll say it again here...YAY CONGRATS :) I would have no idea what to do with a boy!

  9. You are not a sucky blogger! Your pregnancy is your priority right now, and how exciting to have another boy. You know exactly how to do the boy thing! :) You look adorable, by the way.

  10. you look adorable. picked out a name yet?