Thursday, March 13, 2014

Family Update

I keep telling myself I'm going to write more. I really WANT to write more, but time is an ever-growing issue that I haven't managed to solve. I could use about six more hours in my day.

Things in the Craft house are busier than ever. Between wrestling, which is now over, swim lessons, and science experiments, I barely have time to sit for just a couple minutes. I have always needed a few moments of solitude to gain back my energy in order to tackle the next thing. Apparently, even that has gone by the wayside.

Ethan has moved back into my bed. I'm not sure how these things happen. It seems to be a very fluid, very slow occurrence that happens before I realize it's happened. I find myself realizing he's sleeping with me every night again, and I'm at a loss as to how to stop it yet again.

This time, I've been letting him lay in bed with me at night while I'm reading. He quietly plays his leappad (please no comments on how awful that is) while I read. When I say lights out, he goes to sleep. He gets more sleep that way and we're all better for it. Except my husband is afraid to wake the screaming bear I become when I'm woken up shortly after I fall asleep, so he's taken up residence in Ethan's bed. I'm not sure this is healthy.

I've thought about ways we can get him back into his own room. And then I thought about how long we've been dealing with these bed time issues. Well, that's easy. The very first night he came home, he screamed bloody murder until I picked him up and brought him to bed. The rest is history. And it's hard to kick the kid out when he holds my hand and asks, "Do you know who I love more than anybody in the whole entire world and universe?" When I say, "Who?" He says, "You, Mommy. I love you that much."

Someday he won't. Someday he'll enter his teenage years and look at me like I have three heads and fangs and am dead set on ruining his life. Someday he'll fall in love with someone else. And that person will be the center of his world and he'll still be mine. I think knowing those things holds me back to forcing the bed issue now.

I suppose I'm lucky the other little munchkin in the house prefers his bed. It's amazing how different they are. Don't get me wrong, they're similar in some ways. They're both ornery boys that purposely push each other's buttons. But Dylan is much better about entertaining himself and sleeping in his own bed.

Speaking of Dylan. That child is going to be TWO in less than two months. I can't believe it. When I look at him, I have a hard time seeing him as nearly two. He still seems so small (he is). He says TONS of words but also still babbles a lot. He's beginning to recognize some letters here and there and loves to count, two, one, two, three, one, two. He's really been working on his jumping skills lately. He put two objects right in front of each foot and tried to jump on them. It's funny to watch him.

I'm beginning to think the child will never get more teeth. He only has six. Weird. He's just getting over his first real cold of the season. I've been fortunate so far not to have a lot of illness in the house. That has been nice!

Over the past weekend and week, the weather has been pretty nice. With the time change, we've been enjoying the outdoors after work. Ethan's been working on his tree-climbing skills. I love watching him climb trees. It reminds me of how many trees I scaled as a child.

Things keep moving forward. The boys definitely keep me busy, and the gluten-free shift has definitely put me in the kitchen a lot more than in years past. But we're all doing well with it and Ethan is doing so much better. Except for his Chex obsession. I refuse to buy more Chex. They're everywhere.

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