Monday, December 2, 2013

And....he counts

I was so much better at documenting Ethan's milestones. I just had more time back then, I think. Now it's simply a struggle for me to even carve out a few minutes to write a quick post!

We traveled to my husband's hometown over the weekend to visit family. As it turned out, my mother-in-law's husband had to go back to the hospital that evening and was admitted, so the kids didn't get to spend any time with grandma. However, Clint's grandmother was down from Iowa and my brother-in-law was there. We also traveled an hour east to see my mom, sister, niece, and newest little nephew. It was a good trip.

But I don't have time to go into all those particulars. Here's the real reason for the post.

Dylan can count.

You'd think that after Ethan, I wouldn't be shocked by things like this, but I am. I'm glad I am because each kid is his own child and each accomplishment is his own accomplishment. I've been waiting for Dylan to start spouting off sounds of letters just as his big brother did at this age, but we haven't really had any of that.

Dylan is a different kid. He's much more aware of his surroundings than Ethan was at this age, and he always has been. I've written before about his "observer" tendencies. He tends to soak things up. He watches. The look in his eyes tells you he's cataloging his world. He's been a relatively late talker, but now he has quite a few three-word sentences: I don't know, Where's bubby?, I want pizza. He also is all over the two-word phrases: need help, more milk, right there, right here, eat please, thank you.

Sometimes I wish I knew what was normal, but I don't, and it's okay that I don't. I'm just amazed by all he CAN do. When I say, "Dylan?" He responds with, "What?" When I say, "Where's Bubby?" He responds with, "I don't know" unless he knows. I can give him two-step commands and he follows them. He socially relates to his world very well and it's so fun watching him be a little person.

And then he really shocked me.

Sometimes, we tell Ethan he has to have so many bites of a particular food before he can eat dessert. In this case, it was potatoes and the number was five. So he'd take a bite and count it. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

And then Dylan said, "Six. Seven."

I said, "What?"

Dylan said, "Eight. Ten."

Yes, he missed nine. I looked at my husband and said, "Did you hear him just count?" "Yes," he responded. My jaw dropped. I knew he could count to three, but it's always with Dad. I know he counts at his child care place with the other kids, but it's with all of them together. I haven't heard him count beyond three and haven't heard him do it on his own. He just picked up where Ethan left off and finished it up! Minus the nine.

I know he's doing it by memory. I know he's not actually counting or understanding the concept of counting, but I was still pretty amazed that this tiny little person just blurted out numbers in order.

I can't get him to do it again. Of course. Dylan doesn't do things when I ask....typical of most kids. He was the same with talking. We all know he'd say a full on sentence here and there, but he'd never repeat it when asked. He'd just babble away.

I can't help but wonder if I have two little smarties on my hands. The road with Ethan has not been an easy one and I know we still have many, many obstacles in our way once school begins, so I'm not sure I'm ready for two. But I also think that maybe this is normal stuff. What I do know is that I'm so aware all the time because of Ethan, so I don't push either of them. I want them to do things on their own time in their own ways. The "awareness" is simply because I also want to be a proactive parent and make sure they get what they need. Honest. I don't quiz my kids all the time. Play. I believe in lots of play!

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  1. Wow that's really awesome. Chloe still isn't talking. She has about 6-8 words that are understandable but most of her jabber still sounds like babbling… but like you I know she's understanding the world around her. She's great at signing what she wants I just wish she'd start using her words, her little voice is so cute! XO.