Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Five-Year-Old Pallet

This very cute, utterly adorable FIVE year old has managed to find a path back into my bedroom. Mothers everywhere would surely tell me what a horrible mistake I'm making. Childless couples would surely tell me there's no way they would ever let such an occurrence happen. After all, mothers should establish boundaries.....

It's a good thing I've learned the valuable lesson that what other mothers and childless people think really doesn't matter as long as I'm OKAY with the situation. So what if my five-year-old child wants to sleep on a pallet right next to my bed each and every night? We all get more sleep that way and my husband doesn't care. And Ethan actually goes to sleep earlier this way.

It all started with a nightmare. And another nightmare. And yet another. Until he began faking nightmares just to have permission to climb into the coveted pallet permanently fixed on my bedroom floor. And I'm okay with that....

You see, somewhere between my first pregnancy and my second child turning 18 months, it became more than apparent that I'm going to blink and all of this will be gone. My kids will be grown. They will start families of their own. And I will miss them.

Sure there are things I won't miss. The constant whining phase we're experiencing now. The temper that results in a meltdown. The never-ending cleaning that comes with two small children. The inability to go to the bathroom without at least ONE visitor....

But there will be so much more that I miss. Conversations with a five year old. Listening to him "read." Hugs, kisses, and the many "I love you Moms" that I hear. Watching him grow. And for Dylan, the daily additions of words and phrases. The excitement when he discovers something new. His desire to imitate all that his brother does.

The dance parties with all four of us.

And so if Ethan wants to sleep on the floor, so be it. He won't sleep there forever. Before I know it, he'll be dreaming of the day when he can "own his own place" because "his parents are lame and have too many rules." For now, I'll cherish what I have because really, this stage of childhood is such a tiny blip in a sea of blips.


  1. I love this post - made me all teary (pregnancy hormones).

  2. I totally agree, savor each moment, and who cares what others think!