Monday, November 18, 2013

The End of a Season

And I'm not talking about the end of fall.This is more of a life season. I moved a lot as a kid. In fact, prior to moving to Springfield, the longest I had lived anywhere for one stretch of time was in Foreman, Ark, where I spent a shuddering total of four consecutive years. I moved north to the lands of Missouri right smack dab in the middle of my junior year. It was heart-wrenching, and I'm still a little pissed about it when I see status updates from all my "old" friends down there. They still hang out.

But alas, that was not the path I was meant to take. Making friends was never easy, so packing up my old Dodge 600 and traveling down to Springfield wasn't too difficult. I had a job lined up in a restaurant. To say working at Ruby Tuesdays impacted my life would be an understatement. I made best friends there. I met my husband there. I grew into who I am there---okay, maybe more of who I was, but a lot of that person is still  in me.

It took an average of three months for me to warm up. That seems to be a trend. In fifth grade, I didn't speak to a soul for three months. New school. Shy girl. In most of the places I've worked, it's taken me about three months to start jabbering with the best of them. I'm awkward and uncomfortable.

Well. Three months. And then it's like I popped out of my shell and decided to come alive. I began talking to people and people began talking to me. I started going out with coworkers after close. I started having fun.

On one such night, I rode to a nearby bar with a coworker I barely knew. She drove a '93 Honda Accord, 5-speed manual transmission. It was the car I always wanted. The second she started it up, the music blared...."It's finger-lickin'. Finger-lickin good, y'all." And she was signing. I'll never forget it. Ever. (Beastie Boys for those that don't know). She was everything I wasn't. She was outgoing and didn't care what people thought. She had way better fashion sense. But she was also so very similar. She was laid back. Didn't spend hours on her hair or make-up or any of that other stuff. She liked good music and loved to have a good time.

And her life was so very similar to mine.

I don't know how it happened, but we became best friends. And we stayed best friends. We still are best friends. We got married in the same year. We have children that are months or weeks a part in age. We've consoled each other in hard times and celebrated each others' successes.

And she's moving. Four. Hours. Away. I'm thrilled for her. I think it'll be a great move for her and her family. But I'm also sad. So. Very. Sad. I'll miss her. I'll miss getting together with her family on Halloween for chili dogs and treats before we take the kids out. I'll miss meeting for impromptu lunches. I'll miss going to movies. I'll miss birthday parties. I'll miss a lot of things, even though we don't see each other often. But I am truly happy for her. And I know it's not the end of our friendship; just the end of one season.

A new season will begin. Because for every season that ends, there's another right around the corner to take it's place.


  1. I had a psychologist once tell me that you have to give a new job 3 months before you decide if you like it or not, I guess three months is the magic time frame! I am happy for your friend and her new adventure but I am not a fan of friends moving away. I was the friend who moved away from Illinois (family & friends) 26 years ago. Then I made a great friend here and she moved away 9 years ago. I just had lunch with her last week and it was wonderful. Change is a part of life but that doesn't mean I have to like it :( ((HUGS))

  2. Four hours isn't too bad it just means more family road trips :o)