Monday, September 16, 2013

One Need But Remember

Every now and then, we have the opportunity to be around other children Ethan's age. I'm not talking about preschool friends. I'm talking about our friend's children. In these moments, I get to experience other children his age and all the things parents with small children discuss flood my brain.

It's during those times of forced reflection that I can look upon Ethan and see how "easy" he is in so many ways. Because while he obviously keeps me on my toes and we certainly have had our challenges, there are many "normal" kid issues we just haven't had to deal with. These "little" things are so easy to forget about, but so worth noticing because when things do get rough, it's nice to remember all the positives.

Here are a few things I was thinking about this weekend:
  • When Ethan was one, I put away all the bottles. No fuss.
  • Ethan always "knew" how to climb up and down the stairs safely. He never tried to walk down them without assistance. (His brother is the opposite)
  • When Ethan was 18 months old, he climbed out of his crib. More than once. We switched to a toddler bed and dreaded the nights. He actually slept better in that bed and gave us no trouble at bedtime. 
  • At two, I cut the tip off the end of his paci. He complained for a few minutes, carried it for a few days, and forgot about it. 
  • When Ethan potty-trained just before he turned 3, he had two or three accidents that week and hasn't since - day or night. If he has had an accident, it's been because he's sick.
  • Ethan has played with scissors since he was 3. He has never cut his hair or tried to cut something he isn't supposed to cut. Never. 
  • He's never written on walls. Well. He did once, but he thought the marker would wipe off because it was a dry erase marker. He felt awful, apologized profusely, and has never done it again. 
  • He's never done anything crazy like smear toothpaste everywhere or dump a whole thing of soap into the tub or spill a whole gallon of milk on the floor. He's been in trouble for getting bath water or sink water on the floor, but only once or twice. 
These things are things I hear other parents complain about often, especially going to the potty. Children Ethan's age still struggle with having zero accidents. I know it's extremely common. I also know a lot of kids cut their own hair. In fact, Ethan DID do just that over the weekend at the insistence of his friend, who has been in trouble before for the same thing. We never even talked about it before this weekend, and I find it highly unlikely it'll happen again. Ethan just doesn't do those things. He never has. When it comes to stages and changes that go along with those stages, Ethan's really been the easiest child.

I know I can't expect the same from Dylan. He already shows a propensity for writing on walls. 


  1. So interesting that he doesn't seem to have that side to him. Too bad you won't be escaping it twice!

  2. I agree with Liz, it is very interesting that he doesn't seem to have those issues like other children do and best of luck with Dylan. When I saw this picture on Facebook (and of course Ethan is very handsome) I was thinking how beautiful that little girl is. I would love those lips!!!