Friday, September 20, 2013

More parenting advice? Really?

So Dylan got in trouble tonight. He's been pulling on my blinds. I told him very sternly NOT to do that. I removed him. He smiled, went right back over, and started pulling on them. Laughing.

To Ethan's credit, he turned his face and covered his mouth to hide his wide smile from Dylan. He knew I meant business and this was no time to instigate Dylan's behavior.

Eventually, I told Dylan, "No, you cannot pull on the blinds." I took him to his room and placed him in his crib and walked out. Just around the corner. He started crying. It was about 10 seconds total. I walked back in, and he was beside himself with anguish.

Ethan said, "Mom, he's so sad. He doesn't know any better. He's just a baby. Don't you think that was a little too hard?"

Excuse me? Are you the parent? Seriously, I'm getting advice from my four year old?

Do wonders ever cease?

I held my little love and kissed his little cheek. He was attached to me the rest of the night.

In the mean time, I have to commend Ethan. How great is it that he was looking out for his little brother? How great that he cares that much about him? How great that he knew when I was being serious and did his best not to make matters worse? What a wonderful big brother Dylan has!

Of course, I didn't tell Ethan any more than, "Thank you for not laughing when he was pulling on the blind. It was not a laughing matter." As for the rest, I believe I'm still the momma in this house, and Ethan, my love, has taught me a lot about parenting.

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  1. He is so wise beyond his years. I can't imagine having that insight at his age!