Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It's been a while since I shared Dylan's world. That kid has an indescribable personality. He's so funny and sweet and determined and loving and laid back and...well...everything!

He's such a happy child. A happy child that loves his bottle! I keep telling myself it's time to get rid of that damn thing. Just about every time I'm washing all the bottles. But I can't.

So Dylan. Well, this second child of mine thrills us all with his stellar dance moves, endless chatter, and comedic grace. To watch him play with Ethan is a real treat, as he tries to mimic his brother and has a knack for making Ethan laugh. He follows his lead while also dancing to the beat of his own drum.

He loves to play the piano, loves to bang on the drums, and loves nothing more than stuffing his face with "puffs." A little guy he may be, but he's agile, quick, and determined. His quick wit allows him to quickly discern jokes and his serious and observant nature allows him to soak in a multitude of things.

While I refuse to believe this youngest child that still walks around in 9 month clothes is almost a year and a half old, I am also excited to see how his personality continues to grow in the coming years. I'm excited for the day when I can finally understand all those "words" coming forth from his little mind and mouth. Because much like his older brother, this child has lots to say.

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  1. He is adorable! I love how amazingly different siblings can be.