Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Update

I haven't had time to write. I feel like that's all I say all the time these days. That's not to say I haven't been writing. This grants gig has me writing all sorts of things. Just not what I want to write. And things around here really have been busy. So here's a down and dirty update on all things....life.
  • Last week was the week of illness. On Wednesday, I took Dylan in for what I thought would be a food allergy. He had a red circle around his little anus (I know. TMI). Turns out he tested positive for strep. And so began Dylan's antibiotic. On Thursday, Ethan's school called. He had thrown up. No fever. They said if he did it again, I'd have to come get him. Three hours later, he was having diarrhea.

    It may seem like a stomach bug, but he had complained of severe stomach pain a mere two weeks earlier. And then on a Saturday evening, he developed a fever of 101.5 with a severe headache. Within two hours, it was gone and did not return. He had more stomach pain on Monday and a headache at school on Wednesday. So I took him in. Strep. No white spots, no fever, no sore throat. Just stomach pain and headaches.

    I was relieved to hear that strep was the cause of his horrendous headache. That one scared me a bit. When I asked him what was wrong that night, he kept saying, "I don't know." Finally I said, "I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong." He responded with a scary, "I don't think I have control of my brain." "What do you mean?" I asked. He shook his head and said, "I can't think what to say." The next morning, he told me, "It hurts when I swallow my germs." But both kids were coughing, so I didn't think much of it, and he didn't complain again.

    So both boys are on antibiotics and apparently, they've been walking around with Strep for at least two weeks. They're both in better moods. I can really see the difference in Dylan. He's been somewhat clingy, but as he has a tooth coming in, I attributed it to that. Now I know what to look for. 
  • Ethan is at grandma's this week. His school is closed for professional development and grandma wanted to spend some time with him anyway. It's a Win-Win. I can't describe how quiet my house is without Ethan. I'm enjoying the calm for the moment. It's amazing how much one can get done with just a little one around. It's amazing how one child can cause so much chaos and noise.

    Don't get me wrong. My Ethan is a pleasure....except when he isn't. I do miss the conversations, but I'm also enjoying some one-on-one time with my youngest and early nights with my husband. It's been a long time since I've been able to watch one show without pausing to see what Ethan wants now. It's amazing that when I lay in bed to read, I don't have to get up or answer questions.

    I'm sure there are parents out there that would judge me for not wanting to spend ALL my moments with that little ball of unending energy. Judge away. It in no way means I don't love my child. It simply means I'm enjoying the small break.
  • School starts next week, and I am far from ready. So very, very far. I have barely prepped for my classes at all. I wish, wish, wish I could just teach. Sigh.
  • I completed my Doula training and am getting ready to take an online breastfeeding course. I have two possible births coming up. A friend and a client. I can't say anymore than that, as it's unprofessional to discuss my clients in any social medium. Their privacy is very important to me.

    I will say that I am super excited to embark on this journey. There are parts that will be difficult for me. I have a hard time understanding why some women choose to end their pregnancies early for the sake of being "done." I have a hard time understanding why our medical professionals offer and allow such elective inducements. If it's medically prudent, then by all means, the health of mother and baby are so important. But if it's simply a matter of being "done," well, I just don't get it. And I've been there. I know how uncomfortable it is. I know how it feels to be done, but that doesn't mean baby is done.

    I have come to terms with my passion for natural, unmedicated birth vs. other women's need/want for medicated birth. I can still be passionate about these things while understanding and respecting other women's choices in such a way that allows me to provide them with the support they need. Medication is a choice and sometimes it's the right choice. I've been there, too. I chose medication with my first birth. The key to being a good doula is providing whatever support is necessary to the mother and respecting that she has a voice. And that voice should be listened to and respected. The key to being a good doula is allowing that woman to feel comfortable expressing her voice and helping her find that voice if she hasn't. This birth business is amazing and wonderful and my goal in this journey is simply to be there in whatever capacity is necessary for mother, baby, and partner. 
  • My little Dylan is growing up. But that is its own post.


  1. So glad they're both taking something and on the mend. What a wild time you've have of it lately!

    Nothing wrong with enjoying the breaks you get. They leave you refreshed for the more hectic times!

  2. Poor kids, luckily it's nothing to serious-or that can't be handled with antibiotics.

    Congrats on the Doula training, that's fantastic!

  3. I am so sorry they have not been feeling well. I have never heard of those symptoms for strep. Good to know. I hope Ethan is having a great time. I remember after I had both my children I wondered why I didn't get more done when I just had one! I love my daughter to death but with her living her and her OCD/BDD running in high gear right now I could use a break. I am very excited for you on your new adventure. Thanks for the update.