Monday, August 19, 2013

The 15-month Well Baby

My littlest had his 15-month check up today. The stats:

Weight: 17 lbs 14 oz. 0%
Length: Can't remember, but he's in the 3%.

The doctor says, "He's pretty much where he's been. We can keep an eye out." I responded that I'm not concerned. He's happy, healthy and energetic. She says, "And his brain is growing and he's getting taller. I'm not worried either."

Well. Good.

Questions asked:
  1. How many words does he have? About 8. Momma, Puffs, Eat, Bubby, Bubbles, Papaya, uh-oh, hmm...blanking on the eighth. No big deal. He knows what he's saying. I don't. And I wasn't aware that animal sounds counted. He has some of those, too. 
  2. How does he tell you what he wants? If he knows the sign, he signs it. Otherwise, he will grab my hand and take me there. Or he points and whines. She was impressed that he'll grab my hand and take me where he wants me to go. 
  3. Can he stack 2 blocks? He can stack, consistently, five. She was impressed. 
  4. Does he feed himself with his fingers? No, he uses a spoon. He's really good at it. VERY good at it. He drinks from a cup and a straw.
  5. Is he adventurous? A lot of time second kids are. Yes. And he's a climber. He climbed onto the piano recently by taking a stool to the bench and climbing on the bench. He will also turn the recliner (it spins) diagonal so he can reach the end table. She said he's a problem solver and "smart."
  6. Does he climb up the stairs? Like a pro. It's a problem. 
  7. How do you handle flouride? I don't. Should I? I've researched. I'm divided. She said it goes either way. A cup of flouridated water per day would be enough. And come to think of it, he gets tap water at childcare. He gets flouride. 
  8. Does he follow simple one-step directions? He regularly follows 2-step directions.
I also told her he's very observant. He can spot something before any of us can. He processes everything so quickly and really absorbs it all. He can learn a song or dance with just one example. He can't sing the song, but he learns the moves.

(an example: his childcare person told him a bunny hops. From that moment on, any time she said anything about a bunny, he tried to hop. She said it ONCE).

All in all, he checked out fine. He's small, but healthy. She did say that he should consistently be sleeping until at least 4:30 a.m., which he is perfectly capable of doing. I told her he sometimes wakes twice a night or before then and I don't know if he'll ever sleep through the night consistently. She said that going down at 7:30 and waking around 4:30 is "sleeping through the night," and he should be fed, but any earlier isn't necessary. She was impressed that he will walk to his room and lay down to get his PJs on at bedtime and that he's goes down awake.  

It's not often that I stop long enough to think about any of these things. We just go through life moment by moment. It's amazing that 15 months have passed since I welcomed by youngest into the world. He is such a character and so much fun to be around. He laughs and dances and smiles and is generally one of the happiest kids around. I love that little guy!

He's also very opinionated, very ambitious, very strong-willed. He's courageous and adventurous and always willing to try something new. He's vibrant and so smart that sometimes I'm beside myself with amazement. And while he's so different from his brother, he's also so very similar. I have no doubt that this little guy, my youngest, will always be a little milder than his brother, but he will likely be just as challenging, just as inspiring, and just as loveable.

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