Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Food Allergy? I Just Don't Know.

People say that all kids are different, much like all pregnancies and births are different. My kids seem so similar in many ways, yet they differ greatly. One would think that the experiences gained with the first child would easily translate to the second. And while that's certainly the case in many ways, Dylan has the ability to totally and completely stump me.

He has a red ring around his anus. I know. Gross. Too much information. But that's what it is. And he's had it for a while. I thought, perhaps, that it was because he was straining so hard to produce rather LARGE BMs. But we've taken care of that and he hasn't passed large BMs in about two weeks, yet the ring remains. And yesterday, it was raw and looked sore. Despite my efforts to remedy this ring, it remains. My husband believes it's always been there. I disagree. I think it began when he was around 6 months. The same time I quit Breastfeeding him exclusively.

His childcare provider also finds it mystifying and believes it must hurt and it should be gone by now. But it remains.

I emailed his doctor, but she's out this week, so her NP answered with a simple statement that he should be seen. Of course. I was looking for some other remedy I hadn't thought of yet.

And so, naturally, I consulted Google only to discover that this symptom is often indicative of a food allergy. I'll take the little bug in tomorrow to find out. Ugh.


  1. Interesting what you found out! Hope all goes well at the doctor tomorrow.

  2. Interesting. I am looking forward to an update on this!

  3. This was a dairy allergy sign for my first two kiddos.

  4. So interesting that it could be a food allergy!