Monday, July 8, 2013

Momentous Moments....Haircuts and Camps


Dylan had crazy hair when he was born. More hair than any child I had ever seen. And it stood straight up. As time passed, his hair began to lay down, but it was still crazy, growing long from the top and growing short in the back. I have resisted the urge to cut his beautiful hair. I resisted, in part, because Ethan was born with such dark hair only to lose it a few months later. All of it. What took its place certainly makes Ethan who Ethan is, my blond-haired, blue-eyed angel, but nonetheless, I didn't want to cut Dylan's hair, relishing the fact that not a bit of it fell out. And while he thinned on the back of his head, he never truly had a bald spot.

But alas, there comes a point when my own selfish desires must be put aside. The poor child was rubbing his eyes all the time because no matter what I did, his hair fell into them. As someone with long hair, I can attest to the annoyance that comes with tiny strands of hair always in my face. But for me, the solution can be rather easy. Pin it back with a clip. Not so with my youngest. And so I finally took the plunge and got his hair cut.

 On a recent canoe trip. His hair is all over the place.
 New haircut from the side.
Being a cheese ball with no hair in his eyes. 

I will say that it has taken a few days to grow on me, but it is much softer and finer without that original baby hair hanging all over the place. It looks more comfortable and really brings out the highlights (reds and blonds) that are natural in his hair. He definitely has his mommy's hair. When I was small, my hair was dark with deep reddish tints. Over all, it was time. Even if it made his Momma sad!


I dropped this pretty, little angel off at camp this morning. 
I love this picture of him. It's not at camp, but I forgot to take a picture this morning, so it'll have to do. The Discovery Center holds summer camps, and the one this week is all about insects. Considering Ethan has a jar of squash bugs in our house right now, it seems pretty apt that he go to a camp that will teach him all about the creatures he loves.

Even though I drop him off daily at preschool, it felt different this morning. I left him with people I didn't know. People he didn't know. Granted, I'm quite confident that these people can be trusted...obviously. It just seems strange to think he's old enough to participate in a "camp." I pick him up at 11:30, so it's not all day or overnight, but he's still with a group of people I've never met.

I hope he has fun. I hope he acts normal. I hope he learns something he enjoys. I hope it encourages him and inspires him to dig deeper and learn more about the fascinations that surround us. I hope I chose the right "subject." I hope, more than anything else, that he has a blast!

My boys are growing up so fast!


  1. I have a feeling you did pick the right subject. He'll probably be regaling you with all types of info when he gets home.

    Both of the boys are just super duper cute!

  2. I can see the red in him now. He looks older now and of course as cute as can be! I hope Ethan had a great time at camp.

  3. He looks really red! Is he a ginger or is it just the camera?

    I love his haircut!