Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dylan's One Year Photoshoot...Amateur Mom!

It was nearly 11 years ago when I said, "I do," to the man I would spend the rest of my life with. We married at a civil war home in Lexington, Missouri. This house was once owned by an industrious hemp bale farmer with the last name Anderson, hence the Anderson House. However, upon the upheaval of the civil war, Anderson found himself on the wrong side of the proverbial line.

As the first day of the Battle of the Hemp Bales touched the lands of Lexington, Anderson was ripped from his lavish home and taken into Federal custody. And so began the changing of hands between the North and the South troops. This home is riddled with grape shot, preserving the evidence of sustained battle. An upper bedroom still elicits feelings of woefullness and sympathy as viewers can imagine the blood lost in the makeshift surgical room, a large stain still visible in the dark wooden floor where men lost limbs and lives as others tried to piece them back together.

The home itself is quite beautiful and I've been drawn to it from the first time I laid eyes upon it. Given my love of history---certain periods of history---this was a perfect location for us to wed. It remains a perfect location and holds so many ghosts upon its hill. And while I know that there are ghosts of torment. Memories of real pain and suffering, I also know that I made the best decision of my life in that place and I was able to add something good to the old place. While that house upon the hill has seen its fair share of bloodshed and turmoil, it has also seen the beauty of love and friends and family and new beginnings. I like to think the house is thankful for such moments and that the ghosts that walk upon its lands and through its halls feel just a little more at peace in those moments.

And so it was, because the house is of such great import to me, that I took Ethan there when he turned one. I took several pictures of him, some of which now adorn my walls. While these are not nearly all of them, here are a few.

Naturally, Ethan's pictures were taken in the fall, as his birthday is in October. The day was absolutely amazing. Cool, crisp air and a child that was exuberant and adventurous. It was fun.

So as Dylan's first birthday approached, I knew I'd have to take him there as well. May passed with not an opportunity, so Dylan's pictures came in June, when the weather was humid and warm, a sharp contrast to the day we took Ethan's pictures. And taking pictures with two children running around tends to be a bit harder. Throw in the fact that they were getting ready for an event and you have a situation that makes getting those good pictures much more difficult.

I've chosen just a handful of the best out of 100's I took. And threw in a few of my oldest. I still need to do some edits, but I wanted to get this posted, and who knows when I'll have time for edits!


  1. Love the one of the boys at the door and you with your boys! Good photos!

  2. I love them and the story behind them. I'm planning on taking Chloe for her one year to Eureka where we were married (great minds think alike). XO. See you this week for lunch.

  3. Your kids are so cute, and your photos are great!

  4. Those are beautiful, Katie.

  5. They are perfect....I love them! Great setting for the pictures. What an interesting place to get married. Thank you for the history on Anderson House.