Thursday, July 18, 2013


I came upon a few pictures I haven't seen since the early days of Dylan's little life. They remind me of the newborn he was and of how quickly he's growing.

Looking through these pictures, and more, I'm reminded of how alert my little one has always been. He's always soaked up his world and continues to do so. For the sake of documenting, here are a few things Dylan has accomplished over his short 14 months.
  • He smiled, as noticed in his pictures, just before he turned 1 month.
  • He grabbed at toys at 2 months.
  • He grabbed and held toys at 3 months.
  • He cooed around 2 or 3 months.
  • He was an accomplished crawler at 6 months. 
  • He walked at 11 months.
  • He follows instructions and has since 12 months. Where are your shoes? Bring Mom the car. Put it on the chair. Things like that. 
  • He loves turning the TV off and laughing.
  • He notices when he does something funny and laughs. 
  • He can easily stack 5 blocks.
  • He can say the sounds of A, B, E and T.
  • He signs eat, more, all done.
  • He mimicks everything his brother does.
  • He's headstrong and chooses when he wants to listen.
  • He played peek-a-boo at 6 months.
  • He could hold his head up at 2.5 months.
  • His words include Momma, bubble, puff, eat, bye-bye, hi-ya. He doesn't say much we can understand but he does say the same things repeatedly. 
  • He climbs. 
  • He can throw balls easily and enjoys doing so. 
  • He can drink from a regular cup (not well, but he can do it). 
  • He eats really well.
  • He has one tooth. 
None of that is in order and I'm sure I'm missing things, but I just haven't done as good of a job at documenting his accomplishments post by post. Dylan is an introspective thinker. He consumes his world and processes it. One need only be around him for a handful of minutes to see his little brain thinking things through and making connections. I've always been amazed at how intently he watches things around him and how focused this youngest child can be.

He is quite similar to his brother in so many ways. They are both very independent and very strong-willed. They both are testers. They both pick up on humor quite quickly. And both make strong connections between what they see and how it affects their worlds. Dylan is a watcher, though. Ethan was strong on the doing side of things. That's not to say Dylan doesn't do as well. It just seems to be a difference between how they take in their worlds and apply the knowledge they gain.

It's amazing to look back at pictures of them both around the same ages. It's amazing to watch the similarities develop between the two of them. I am a lucky momma indeed! 


  1. It seems like just yesterday you were having him and I was awaiting labor… Where has the time gone?

  2. They take after their mother. (Of course maybe your husband is independent and strong willed too.) Those pictures are precious. Thank you for sharing them :)

  3. Such a cute boy! You make cute kids!