Monday, June 10, 2013

Living in the land many things

Let's talk about my little Dylan. My youngest is a sight to behold. He's really blossomed into this funny, vibrant, headstrong little character lately. He's finally figured out the sign for "eat" and says "eat" as he does it. Super cute, and I keep trying to catch that new skill on camera, but alas, he's elusive with his antics.

He's a dancer. The kid loves to dance. I mean, he really loves to dance. It's adorable. The kid can get down!

He's a comedian. He purposely does silly things with the intention of making us all laugh. He begins to laugh before pulling out his latest comedic act, which makes it all the more comical.

He is all about the "hi-ya!" He saw his brother once do a Tae Kwon Do move and decided in that moment that he could do it as well. He walks around putting his hands together and throwing them out while saying, loudly, "Hi-YA." He's transferred this to so many things. Give him a sword, he swings it in the air and says, "Hi-YA!" Give him a ball and he throws it, saying, "Hi-YA!" He's all about it. It's hilarious. Especially when he's attacking his brother.

He's head strong. His ability to let you know he's unhappy or you haven't given him what he wants is astounding. If he walks to the door and bangs on it, it means he wants outside. Not time to go out? Well, get ready, cause he's gonna tell you about it.

He's a climber. That kid can climb. Ethan was not a climber in comparison. Dylan can easily traverse the recliner and from there....he goes straight for the end table. Over the weekend, he managed to reach out with one hand and grab a glass with the other. The trouble? The table is light and it moved, depositing Dylan and the full glass of water on the floor. He's okay, and no, it did not scare him enough to quit doing it. Go figure.

He wants to be just like his brother. It's amazing to watch him take in Ethan's actions and try to emulate them. He works so hard to be just like his brother and it's one of the things that makes having two so adorable. Right now, Ethan eats it up, saying, "Dylan wants to be just like his big brother!" Yes, child, he does, and someday, that'll drive you crazy. But I'll soak it up while I can.

My youngest still doesn't sleep through the night. He still wears 6-month clothes with a few 9-month items thrown in. He still goes to sleep when I lay him down awake. He still has only one tooth. He's still so much a little baby, yet he's showing his growth more and more as the days go by.

He's secure and confident and knows who he knows. Last week, he had to stay with someone different, and there's nothing harder than walking out the door when your baby is begging for you to stay. This morning, he went back to his normal provider. He wouldn't even take the time to say "bye" to the very mother he couldn't stand to see walk out the door last week. I'm thankful that he's so comfortable where he is and that I don't have to leave a crying baby every morning!

He's serious. Between all the comedic antics he's regaling us with, this child also has a serious side. Dylan has always been extremely observant of his surroundings. More than Ethan ever was. And this trait has been commented on by more than a few. You can almost see, through his eyes, that his little mind is trying to decipher his new intake of knowledge, whatever it may be, to determine how best to apply it. I call him an observer. Constantly watching. Constantly learning. Constantly assimilating his surroundings and constantly deciphering how it all goes together. He's been this way since he was born. I can't wait (or I can) until he can finally talk and tell me what it is he's thinking. How he's digesting his world.

While Ethan was always so focused on his own world and progressing through his own movements, Dylan seems very transcendent, stretching beyond the normal bounds of observance. It will be interesting to see him grow and how he applies this trait in his life. And none of that means he's "shy." He's not. He's very friendly, very loving, very accepting of....almost everything.

He's almost always pure joy. Almost always. He's so easy going. So calm. So spirited. Such a great combination, this little one. It's truly amazing to sit back and see the differences between my two children. While the challenge is definitely there when I'm in the thick of things, the moments that I have to stand back and look at these two boys from afar remind me of how very fortunate I am to experience both of them. To see both sides of the personality spectrum and to know that as they grow older, I will have the opportunity to watch them blossom into two different beings.

Now I just have to hope that fall down the stairs didn't rattle Dylan's mind too much. Yes. Fall. ALL THE WAY DOWN the stairs. Lock your baby gates! It was terrifying, but he was okay. Lesson learned.


  1. I'm so happy he's ok - the stairs at this new house already have me worried. I'm thinking putting the gate (a tall one) on her room so I can lock it and not worry about someone (cough, cough) leaving it open.

    I miss you friend. Lets to lunch how's this Wed?

  2. Sorry about the fall down the stairs :( I really enjoyed this post and learning all the ins and outs of little Dylan.