Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The One Year Stats

We had Dylan's well-baby visit yesterday. My little chunk weighs a whopping 15 lb. 14 oz. That's still super small, but he's progressing on his growth chart. In the past, he's been up and down, so it's nice to see him moving up. He's still below the 3rd percentile, but we got the okay to kick out one night feeding. YAY!

Dylan has, pretty consistently, been waking up around 11 and 3. While I know there are many mommas out there that would tell me he won't do it forever, I also know that he's not taking the time to drink his milk during the day and making up for it at night. So do I feel bad if I'm trying to switch his schedule? If I'm trying to get him to eat more during the day and less at night? No. I don't. The plan is to cut that early feeding session out of his routine. How?

Unfortunately, I think it'll come with a bit of crying, but I can handle it. I know there are lots of mommas out there that would tell me that crying is stressful and that it will make him trust me less and leave lasting damage. But here's the thing. I've done the research. Extensively. I've read both sides. I've traced the journal articles cited in most no-cry debates. A few nights of crying is not going to cause lasting damage. A few nights of crying may be stressful on the little guy, but it's not like he won't experience stressors throughout his whole life. And it's not like I'm going to leave him in there to cry until he falls asleep. It'll be controlled crying. I'll comfort him. But I will not feed him a bottle.

Because here's the thing. At some point, this all just becomes a part of the routine he's established. And it's a bad routine. He's old enough now and moving on to whole milk that I know he can switch that routine and take in more calories during the day. And we'll all be happier for it. Should he choose to continue that 3 a.m. feeding, I'm all over it. But not 11 p.m. There's no need.

So my little walker....because crawling is a thing of the past....also received one vaccines yesterday. I have been slow on getting his vaccines. For good reason. Again, I've done the research. I've seen the studies. I've reviewed the VARS site. And I will not subject the little guy to too many chemicals. Too much aluminum. Traces of thimerosal.

And here's the thing about my method. As we reviewed the vaccines he hasn't received and I ask which were the most important in order, she said, "Well, since he's past one, he only needs one of each of these." ONE opposed to FOUR. And that is one reason I wait.

Overall, Dylan is on-track. He still jabbers with no discernible words, but I'm far from worried. His brother was not a talker either. He knew all the sounds of his alphabet by 18 months and could identify letters. Once he decided to talk, he took off. He'll do it when he's ready!

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  1. Sounds like Dylan is doing great. Hopefully the first feeding will pass by quickly for you without too many tears. After my children were done I would leave them a bottle of water which would often soothe them if they would wake during the night.