Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dylan Turns One!

This sweet, beautiful boy turned one yesterday.
 It's hard to believe that a year ago, I gave birth to this sweet boy. I remember the moment I went into labor, wondering if I was experiencing another long round of Braxton Hicks contractions, as I had experienced hours of them--all 20 minutes apart--in the days and weeks leading up to this moment. I remember realizing that this was the real deal. I remember the drive to the hospital. The moment when they told me that I would indeed be having a baby that night. I remember every single moment of that experience--good and bad. I remember going to the bathroom with my husband's help, looking up at him and seeing a wide smile on his face. And I remember saying, "What the F*&k are you smiling about?" because I was in pain and he seemed so damn happy. I remember the moment this little guy entered the world and how elated I was, high on natural drugs. I remember holding him for the first time, feeding him for the first time, snuggling with him for the first time. It's all so vivid, and I imagine those memories always will be, as they are etched indefinitely on my brain.

 So here we are. A year later. And this little guy is such a light in the world. His personality shines and even when I've had to worst day imaginable at work, seeing his smiling face makes me smile.
 I love hearing him laugh and jabber, and I love watching him explore his world.
Even if that means he gets a nice taste of a dandelion.

At a year, Dylan is a full-fledged walker. I don't know his stats because he doesn't have his well-baby check up until next week, but I imagine he's around 16 lbs. He's still drinking formula, and I'm trying to get him to show some interest in milk. He jabbers, and he's said some words in the past, but he doesn't really have any discernible words at this point. He has a tooth just beneath the surface of his gum, but it has yet to pop through, so for now, he still has that gummy little grin. 

Dylan is so full of life. He's so interested in everything around him and gets a kick out of his big brother. And while Ethan is still just as in love with Dylan as he was the moment they met, he has discovered that his baby brother can annoy him. Naturally, this makes me chuckle, but I'm sure in the years to some, I'll be saying "leave your brother alone," a lot. 

As we move into year one, I find myself at a bit of a loss in terms of food and drink. I'm ready to move on from formula, but Dylan still wakes at least once a night and sucks down a 4-ounce bottle. I wonder if I'm not giving him enough table food, but I can't exactly make him eat. I know that food should begin to take over, providing him with all the necessary nutrients, but how to make that transition when he still wakes at night is a little baffling. Do I move him from formula to milk during the day and keep some on hand for night-time feedings? 

I didn't struggle with these questions with Ethan because he was on a sippy full time at one and he was no longer eating at night. It was such a smooth, easy transition with my first. Dylan, on the other hand, is partial to one sippy and won't use others. He likes the one most like a bottle. 

All of these questions, I know, will work themselves out. But that doesn't mean I don't think about them. 

We're having Dylan's first birthday party Saturday. I still have so much to do to get ready, even though there won't be many people there. I'm making a sugar-free carrot cake and I hope it turns out well. For the guests, I'm providing sugar-filled cupcakes (store bought). I know people think I'm crazy for not giving into the whole cake thing, but I honestly believe there's no reason. He can get just as messy with a "healthier" version. 

And so, as we enter his second year of life, I know it'll be no time before I'm here again, writing about this child turning two. It's amazing to think about how quickly the last year has passed. I'm so fortunate that I got to spend the day with Dylan yesterday as he went about his normal business and I reflected on the year. 

Happy birthday to my very sweet, very vibrant, very laid-back Dylan Thomas Craft.


  1. Happy birthday Dylan! He has so much hair, and I love those pics of him in the field. Can't believe how fast that year went!

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Dylan! He is just adorable and that smile just melts my heart. I think your right about the cake. He will love it and enjoy it. Having a cake doesn't mean it has to be full of sugar!
    Have a great party on Saturday.