Monday, May 6, 2013

Conversations with Ethan

Sometimes conversations are just too good not to document. I had just that kind of conversation with Ethan yesterday. The way that kid's mind works amazes me! This is a snippet of a conversation we had in the car. It continued later with more talk about different worlds much like our own.

"Mom, our sun is never going to explode, right?"

"Well, I don't know. It might. But I don't think we'll still be here."

"Did you know that there's another world where the sun did explode?"


"Yeah. My dad's dad is dead, and he lived in the other world and then the sun exploded."

"So there are two worlds?"

"No! I said the sun exploded, so that world is dead."

"Oh, but there used to be two worlds?"

"Yes. But not any more."

"Do you think there's more than one Earth?"

"No. There's only one outer space, Mom."

"But we live in a galaxy, right?"


"Are there more galaxies?"

"Yes. There are lots of galaxies."

"So could there be other planets like ours with people on it?"

"In other galaxies? Yes. There's more than one sun."

"There is?"

"Yes. The sun is a star, and there are lots of stars."


The conversation shifted abruptly to DNA at the Discovery Center. A couple weeks ago, we went to the "free" day at the Discovery Center, and they offered to help him extract his DNA, but he chickened out. When he found out we were going back, he wanted to give it another try.

"So when we get to the Discovery Center, we're going to go to the place where we can extract my DNA, right?"


"And it's okay if you accidentally swallow the stuff they tell you to swish in your mouth, right?"

"Yes, it's just water."

"Well, last time we were there, I didn't want to do it because I thought it was poison and it might kill me if I accidentally swallowed it."

"I can assure you that they wouldn't ask you to put poison in your mouth. Promise."

Unfortunately, DNA extraction is only for 2nd grade and up, unless it's a free day in which they help the kids with the process. Ethan was a little sad that he didn't get to do the "experiment," but we were there with another friend, so he quickly moved on. I find it aggravating that most things Ethan is into are prohibited to him based on age. He asked me why he couldn't do it, and once again, I had to say, "because you're not old enough." How am I supposed to foster his love of science and encourage that kind of love for learning if every chance available is met with, "he's not old enough?" Why do we have to structure education by age? And why do we think that's okay? But that's a conversation for another day.....


  1. It really is a shame when they make some things by age when Ethan is definitely further along that most children who were doing that because they were in 2nd grade. Glad he was able to move on. As always I enjoyed his conversation with you.

  2. You're kid is so smart, seriously genius. Kudos to you!