Thursday, April 18, 2013

When illness strikes.

The kid in this picture is obviously quite unhappy. But it has nothing to do with not getting his way or going somewhere he doesn't want to go. This is the image of a very sick, very hurt boy. On Tuesday evening, Ethan told me, "the hairs inside my ear hurt. Something must be wrong with the drum." And he was correct.

By Wednesday morning, he was running a fever of 102.5 and was in a lot of pain. I had no ibuprofen. All I had was Tylenol, which doesn't do much for pain. So I took Dylan to child care and Ethan and I stopped to pick up some meds. Too tired to walk into the store, I carried my sweet four-year-old boy to the nearest cart and pushed him to the medicine aisle. He was quiet, subdued, not at all my very vivacious and precocious child.

I was fortunate to get an appointment that morning. She looked at his ears and stated that his right ear was bulging and puss-filled. So on antibiotics we go! He slept for over four hours yesterday. When he awoke, he felt much better and his fever was gone, thankfully! Very little knocks this kid out for the count, but this ear infection really nailed him. I have never seen him like he was yesterday.

I will say that I was highly unimpressed with hubby's willingness to help out. Number one, I had to cancel my classes to stay home and I stay home every.single.time. Number two, I couldn't get him to leave work early so I could make it to my 5:30 appointment. Number three, he tried to tell me he stayed home with Dylan last time. I reminded him that he stayed home one day out of the four he was home sick. Number four, he never, ever takes them to the doctor. He rarely even has to take a half day to stay home with them. But when I need him to, it's always "a bad day." Because parents ever wake up and say, "today would be a great day for my kid to get sick." It's always a bad day! It aggravates me to no end. My husband is a great father and I am so thankful for the active role he plays; however, when it comes to this stuff, it's obvious that it falls on my shoulders.

Alright, whew! Felt good to get that off my chest. Now to finish up with an Ethan conversation.

Doctor's office....

The doctor walks in and Ethan says, "I know all about the body!"
Doctor: "You do? Well tell me about it."
Ethan: "Do you know about the body?"
Doctor: "A little, but why don't you tell me more."
Ethan: "When you take a deep breath, your lungs expand."
Doctor: "That's right. They do. And what does your heart do while you're breathing?"
Ethan: "It pumps blood to all the parts of your body. But sometimes, the heart doesn't work," he shakes his head.
Doctor: "Oh, I hope it does! Let's check yours out."
Ethan: "But one time I had water on my lungs and the doctor made me get an xray and then the doctor cut my stomach to get to my lungs to fix it and I was asleep the whole time!"
Doctor: "Really? Interesting."

He was talking about getting a chest xray for pneumonia. I corrected his whole cut me open part later. He's a goofball. She got a kick out of him. Most people do. He's quite the character, my Ethan.


  1. Poor Ethan. I am glad he is feeling better though.

  2. Aside from the wee bit of embellishment, he sure gave out quite a bit of info to the doc.

    I'm glad the meds took effect for him so quickly and made a difference!