Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Before I get started, let me just say that I don't want to hear about how little I am. Or how crazy I was for thinking I needed to lose weight.

After I had Ethan, I had a lot of weight to lose. I gained a solid 40 lbs with that boy. And because I had so much pitocin in the hospital, I came home swollen. I mean, I couldn't even wear my husband's flip flops because my feet were SO BIG. But little Ethan had big plans for Momma. I lived on trail mix because I could carry it around with me without having to put Ethan down. He didn't give me even five minutes of non-screaming time to fix breakfast or lunch or dinner. After the swelling went down, I began to see pretty significant improvements.

At five months, I could wear my skinny jeans. It was nine months before I could fit into my work pants, mainly because my hips were being difficult. I felt like the weight came off pretty easy. But what a difference a few years can make!

Today, at nearly eleven months postpartum, I am wearing a pair of pants I haven't worn in YEARS. They simply haven't fit. Today, at nearly eleven months postpartum, I weigh less than I've weighed since I was 22 years old.

Pre-pregnancy weight: 118
Current weight: 111

Three months ago, I realized that I was stuck. I gained a mere 26 lbs with Dylan. The weight took longer to shed. And I got stuck at an unflattering 122. No matter what I did, it seemed I couldn't get beyond that number. And my pants were NOT fitting. Partly because the second time around, my stomach wanted to be more stubborn. The baby belly muffin top refused to go away (and is still lingering). I felt awful about how I looked and where I was. I had no confidence, which is expected when you have two pairs of pants to wear. I knew I had to do something.

So I challenged my husband to a Biggest Loser contest. Crazy? Most people thought so. I heard the obligatory, "but you're so small already." Or "you don't need to lose weight; you're already skinny." Yes, yes, I'm small, but I wasn't able to wear MY clothes. That was the goal. I just wanted to fit into MY own clothes.

And so we began. We took waist measurements, checked our BMI and recorded current weight. We put a whopping $200 on the line. The contest end April 14. At the last weigh in, Clint had lost a total percentage of 8.43%; I had lost a total of 8.2%

It's neck and neck. But I think I'm going to lose. Just barely, but lose I will. Why? Because I don't think I can get any lower, and that's not really the point. The point was to jump start myself into watching what I eat and hitting the normal more frequently. The point was to fit into my clothes and feel good about my body.

I have lost 11 lbs in just under three months. And while people say, "you're too skinny." Or "why do you have to work out?" Or "why are you watching what you eat? Have a piece of cake already!" I can tell you that I did not get back into my clothes with that mentality.

I'm not crazy. I do watch what I eat, but I also indulge when I want to. I work out, but working out does so much more for me than help shed baby weight. I feel better when I work out. I feel more energetic. I feel healthier. I sleep better. And I can now fit into clothes I haven't worn in years. While I'm still struggling with that stubborn muffin top, I feel good. I feel confident. I feel like me. And for that, I'm so thankful that I entered this challenge with my husband.

Will it hurt when he wins? You bet your ass. But at least I can look good while he mocks me!

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  1. Way to go, that is pretty awesome that you can fit into pants that you haven't worn in years!