Monday, April 8, 2013

On the Verge....of Walking

I've written quite a few posts about how quickly the boys are growing up, especially Dylan. He turned 11 months old yesterday. In one month, he'll be an entire YEAR old! It seems like yesterday that I was screaming at Clint to get over his fever cause we were having a baby!

Nonetheless, there's something bittersweet about watching the baby grow up. Then again, there's so many exciting things too. And today, I'm not focusing on how quickly things are changing or how much I'll miss this time. Today, I'm focusing on the now. The present. The moment.

For the past couple of weeks, Dylan has been standing. On his own. His time stretches longer and longer, and as of this weekend, he could stand and beat on a set of small drums with a plastic drumstick. I have a video but no time to get it loaded. You can see it on Facebook.

He's been taking steps. A couple here or there. Nothing hugely significant. Just the indication that a new phase is quickly approaching. And then this morning, he took about six steps on his own. I know how this works. By the end of the week, he'll be a full-fledged walker. Heck, six steps is walking.

Eleven months. That's when Dylan decided to walk.

And I know this means more bumps and bruises as he navigates this skill, but I am so excited to see my tiny, little Dylz walk around the house and chase after his brother with arms in the air, laughing and giggling....before he falls and bumps his head!

It's an exciting time! I'll say that much!

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  1. A year old in one month....where did that time go?
    He is so cute. I went and watched the video which is adorable. Yes he will be running soon!