Monday, April 15, 2013

First Sleepover

I wish I would've taken pictures. I thought about it, for a second, but things were so choatic that it left my mind as quickly as it entered.

On Saturday, my best friend's little boy Andrew came to stay the night. Ethan has been asking for a sleepover for a few months now, so we planned a weekend and just dove right in. Ethan had a blast and the boys got along well. It was definitely an experience and quite fun, but here's what I learned through this experience:

  1. Adding just one more kid to the mix ups the level of chaos exponentially. Wow! I thought Ethan was a loud talker, and he is, but Andrew is as well. It was LOUD!
  2. I am capable to telling someone else's kid what to do. I thought I'd be uncomfortable or worried that I wasn't approaching things the way his parents' did. Turns out I will approach things my way and that's the way it is at Ethan's house. 
  3. Kids don't need sleep. I remember sleepovers, staying up all night and talking into the early morning hours. I was a teen, though. Apparently little boys do the same thing....until midnight anyway. 
  4. Watching the kids play together and sit together while watching a movie is pretty awesome. It's nice to see them interact with one another. I thoroughly enjoyed that part. 
Overall, Ethan had a wonderful time and Andrew went home exhausted. He's used to sleeping in a little later than mine, who woke him at an early 6:45 after a late midnight bedtime. I do believe, however, that I will wait until Dylan starts sleeping through the night before I host another sleepover. It was exhausting. Ethan loved crawling around after them and watching them play. He also had a fantastic time. 

And so it goes....the first sleepover was a success.


  1. Hayden has yet to sleep over at anyone's home and no one has slept over here. He has stayed at his grandparents' homes, but no friends... He just doesn't have those types of friendships.

    We have vacationed with another family who has a child Hayden's age - but that's different.

    I'm glad it went well. It sounds like an interesting adventure!

  2. That was really good for Ethan and so glad the boys had a good time together.

  3. Oh my gosh, I remember those days and you're right. There's very little sleep involved in a sleepover.