Thursday, March 28, 2013


My last two posts have been centered so much around how quickly things are changing. How quickly my children are growing. And how difficult it is for me to move from phase to phase. Today is no different.

Two nights ago, I was in the kitchen sterilizing bottles and pacifiers and anything else Dylan sucks on to ensure this Thrush goes away quickly. I heard a faint, "Katie. Katie! Come quick!" My husband was hanging out with our youngest in his room. I dashed to his location only to be greeted by a normal scene. Clint sitting on the floor and Dylan sitting near him playing with some toy.

"What?" I ask my husband that's wearing a rather silly grin on his face.

"Dylan just took a step. He was standing in front of me and turned. He took a step and went to take another but tripped over my foot."

And I missed it.

Dylan has been standing for seconds at a time. The most being about ten seconds. I know what this means. By tiny, little Dylan will soon be walking. I remind myself that Ethan was already walking at this point, but that doesn't help me. Dylan is so much smaller. He looks so much younger. He's just a sweetheart, and it's difficult to watch him grow up so fast.

He'll be super adorable when he does start walking, and I will, of course, be excited to watch him navigate this new phase of his growth. But again, it's a bit bittersweet.

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  1. I was just going to say that "He'll be super adorable" because the little ones are always the cutest when they are walking!!!! Hope you get to see it when it happens.....