Monday, March 11, 2013

And He Stands.....

Last Thursday marked the beginning of Dylan's TENTH month. Yes, it's true, my tiny little baby is now ten months old. Time has really flown with this child, and I'm amazed everyday at how vibrant this child is and how quickly he's growing.

Over the weekend, while I didn't bear witness to it, I trust my husband when he says, "He's standing!" I rushed into the room, but the standing was over. And anyone with kids knows that they never repeat an action when you really want them to!

Apparently, little guy was standing at his exersaucer. He grabbed his sippy cup with both hands and took a drink, moving his head back. He stood for about five seconds while he took a drink, and then he set his sippy back down. He didn't fall, he didn't wobble. He simply took a drink without holding on to anything or being supported by anything.

This is the beginning.

I've seen him let go, turn, and sit down in very controlled movements. But standing on his own? Well, I haven't quite seen that. And I know what it means. Before long, a month or two, we'll have a little walker on our hands. That doesn't scare quite as much as one may think it should. Maybe because I've been through this all before.

Ethan walked around 10 months. By a year, he was dead set on walking down our very steep hill BY HIMSELF! While my boys are so different in personality, one thing is definitely the same. They are determined.

I'm a little excited to see those first steps while also saddened that it's already here. I mean, it seriously feels like just yesterday that I welcomed that little guy into the world. The memories of his newborn days are so vivid and it just doesn't seem possible that he's already here. At this point.

In other news, Ethan and I built another robot. This kid's fascination with robots is astounding. In light of his obsession with building a brick robot, I decided to stave off that whole debacle by getting said robot a "friend."
This "Tin Can Robot" walks across the room upright or on his back. His eyes are springy and his arms are made from bendy straws. Ethan loves this thing! And for me, it's allowed us to cease the constant "Brick Robot" discussions, even if I know we'll be back to that discussion sooner than later.

I'm going to start looking into Science Museums and may just plan a trip for Ethan and I to go on a little museum road trip. What's unfortunate is that there are programs around here for gifted kids that I think he'd really enjoy; however, most have a cut-off birthday of August 1. He won't be five until October 8. I know he'd benefit from these programs now, but we have to wait. And wait. And wait.

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  1. That is big new on Dylan standing. It won't be long before he is going everywhere. Love the coke can robot!