Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When did I enter the time warp?

My boys are growing up. Fast. There are times when I look at Ethan's long limbs and little feet and think, "when did he get so big?" "When did he become such a big boy?" Everyday is so different with Ethan. I never know what he's going to say or what he's going to do. I am constantly trying to stay three steps ahead of him that sometimes I forget to just stop and cherish how special he is. How amazing he is. How inspiring he can be. But there are moments when I'm hit hard with the reality of how quickly he's growing. How soon the time will come when he no longer makes me cards with "I Love Mom" written in his tiny four-year-old print. When he no longer writes notes and makes flags and creates wonderful water-color "plans" for the robots he wants to create. When I will no longer catch him sleeping like he is in this picture.
He's spelling now. Words. And he's getting pretty good. Sure, he spells Finn as Fien, but that's so close, and he's doing it on his own. He's sounding out the words and putting the letters he hears down. Our language is so intricate with all its silent letters that I get how difficult it could be to learn how to spell out the words by sound alone. But he's trying, and he's doing it all by himself. I'm amazed. I'm not pushing....even though I want to. I'm just praising him and telling him what a good job he did. I no longer give him words to try to spell, having learned a thousand times over that Ethan will do things on his own time and its best to let him come up with the ideas. Otherwise, he stops. He goes so much further when I just act as a supporter to his creativity and drive.

And then there's Dylan. My sweet, huggable, loveable, fit-throwing Dylan, who will be 9 months old in two days!
This kid, with his crazy hair and toothless grin never ceases to bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face. Cliche, I know, but it's so true. He's so amazing. And watching him is like seeing all his firsts for the first time (I have been through this whole baby thing once already). At just under 9 months, he has already started pushing the limits. He knows what he's not supposed to do, so when he wants to do it, he looks at me with this oh-so-mischievous smile and laughs before launching into an all-out speed crawl toward the thing he's not supposed to touch. I say, "Uh-oh, Dylan. That's a no!" He stops, turns, and smiles with a little bounce. And off he goes. It's so hard not to laugh or smile because it's so freaking adorable, but I've been down this road before and I know it doesn't STAY cute.

And he's a climber. Last night, he almost launched himself head-first into the bathtub because he used his little power toes to climb up the side of it. And if he gets a good grip on something above his head...well, he can pull himself off the ground. He's going to be the kid that ends up on top of the fridge!
He's also started to let go before plopping down from a standing position. I say "plop," but the whole process is very controlled, and I can see that walking may not be too far off. Not surprising since big brother walked at 10 months, but he's so little and it just doesn't seem like we should be even CLOSE to walking.

This kid is a mover!

And fits. He can throw a good fit. When you take something away, he doesn't just cry. He puts his tiny little head on his tiny little arm and bawls. It's incredibly cute....for now.
Food. He's not the biggest fan of food. He'll eat a few chunks of cheese, but then he's over it. He doesn't care for apples. Could do without blueberries and doesn't do well with yogurt. His diet consists of avocados, pears, sweet potatoes and.....puffs. He loves puffs. Naturally.

I'm still breastfeeding....ugh. And he still wakes up at least twice a night. Double ugh. He's had two fevers in his short life and is currently on medicine for an ear infection. Poor guy. He's feeling better these days and is back on the move, but last week? Oh my! That was ROUGH!

So time...well...it's slipping away at warp speed. There's nothing left for me to do except hang on tight and hope I don't miss anything!


  1. Cute for now, lol! They are growing so quickly, hard to believe. And Ethan with the spelling? Holy wow!

  2. They are both so head strong in their ways. Sounds like you will always be challenged by them. I'm glad you can see how fleeting time is and that you need to savor these moments.

  3. They really are growing up so fast! I feel like I'm watching them grow just by reading your blog!